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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by ACME LANDSCAPE, Feb 19, 2013.


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    Well as some know my company was the victim of an equipment theft at my home.. Further investigation has brought up nothing.. never any follow up by
    the local sheriffs dept( no surprise there) . And the only thing I have gathered is that it is most likely thieves from miami who are mostly active in the Spring time... So this year I am trying very hard to not be a victim . I have the place wired with security cameras (costco 500$) motion detectors purchased from (harbor freight(2@15$ per) baby monitors inside of trailers ( 2 purchased off craigslist for 10$ each) ... and last but not least I will be rigging up a dummy trailer wired to a 220v source to hopefully fry one or two of the bastids...

    So in short lets not let these scumbags do this to us again .. motion detectors and noise monitors are so cheap and it should be enough to catch these bastids ...
  2. Holleywood

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    Well that shock should set them back . Hopefully you don't get yourself or a neighborhood kid
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  3. inzane

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    yeah, or i could see the sorry ass thief getting shocked and turning around and suing..thats about how things work these days. sorry to hear about your stuff getting stolen.

    ACME LANDSCAPE LawnSite Member
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    Funny stuff .. I dont think you can prove to a court that you got shocked. & kids will be safe...
  5. DavidsonLandscaping

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    Be careful on the shocking part. Lawyers are everywhere. Even though the theif is in the wrong, you still can run a risk of being sued. Also why not back the trailer against a building and put a boot on the wheels, would that work?
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    ACME LANDSCAPE LawnSite Member
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    nope it aint happening .. im gunna fry these scumbags... and then if theres anything left of them i will bury them deep in the everglades.. thats how we do it here in sth fl.. no need to boot anything.. i dare them to come to my property again..... im ready !!!!!
  7. 1idejim

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    Don't worry about being sued my friend. You are setting a booby trap (which is illegal) and then stated on the internet that you intend to bury the persons body in the swamp.

    Sounds like your plan falls between premeditated murder and negliable homicide. Maybe you can luck out and just get attempted murder.

    Sucks that you were wronged, but if you are that worried, you could hire a security guard rather than trying to kill someone.

    Best of luck to you.
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  8. WishforScagWildcat

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    Very funny fits your name well Mr. Cyote catch that road runner in the act then.......woops.......let him go in the everglades.....MEEP........MEEP.
    Ok now that thats covered, uh don't kill anyone i really don't want to get into the whole trailer thing with the shocking. I would be mad if someone stole 20,000$ or more in equipment to feed my family or keep me making money in the near future. Just do not make the bigger foolish mistake. What I would do is start a thread asking if any one has used equipment you can get donated to you to get you off your feet again and get back on track. I would by everything you loss but i'm fourteen and I only have 600$ right now. Dont have any equipment to donate but if I can spare anything I will be their for any fellow lawn care associate! Let me know if I can help in anyway!

    ACME LANDSCAPE LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for your input Mr distinguished gentleman ....
    But didnt your mommy tell you not be believe everything you read on the internet...:dancing:
    Besides... I highly doubt that this will kill anyone..So what I am going to do is try out my "booby trap" on one of my workers today and report back with u guys.....Thumbs Up

    ACME LANDSCAPE LawnSite Member
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    Hey man thanks for the positive input and good will that you offer. Its nice to see some humor in such a bad part of this website..Although my intentions are less than serious its all just a way to vent my past anger. It was a year ago when my lively hood was compromised by the scum of the earth but I am preparing myself accordingly. But thanks again and I hope you have great success with your ambitions!!! btw where in fl are u located ?

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