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Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by BCL Services, Nov 13, 2008.

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    Hi everyone, I am looking for some good nurseries in the Orlando area, also a good provider of annuals. I am based out of Brevard county and lately have picked up a few accounts in Orlando. So I need to know who has taken care of you guys. Thanks!
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    BCL Services

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    lot of looks and no help, oh well
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    I sent you a pm
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    I have been out of the Nursery business since Hurricane Charlie. But Used to get my annuals from Lovel Farms in Homestead. I believe they deliver state wide.

    If you don't have subscriptions to Green Plant Finder or Bedrock, get on the list. Both are mailed monthly and good sources of plant material of all kinds. For some reason many growers have stayed with the old Fax system instead of moving up to the 21th century with E mail. Getting on availability lists with your favorite growing nurseries means having a separate fax line. Look for small plant brokers servicing your area. These are people who know every small to large grower with in a 200 miles. They make it their business to supply smaller guys with any all their needs. Because they travel to every grower they find great deals of over stocked plants and can give you a good price on certain items. Even when I made weekly runs to Homestead and S.E Fla, nursery capital I still bought from local plant brokers and in fact did some plant brokering myself. After Hurricane Charlie I was thinking about doing only plant brokering full time, but decided to do Fert & Squirt instead and not travel. Considering Gas prices going up and now down and the lack of new construction, I am glad I didn't do plant brokering. Last week I was in the Miami, Homestead area visiting for the Holidays. I saw many nurseries very dead or out of business.

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