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attn: need some advice from you commercial guys

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by offroadTRD, May 24, 2008.

  1. offroadTRD

    offroadTRD LawnSite Member
    Messages: 2

    This is my very first post by the way. I am VERY curious about getting a zrt mower. I've never had one or operated one but I have operated skid loaders for years with controls that are almost identical to ztrs. I have about 2-3 acres of grass that I cut around my house and about 3 acres that I cut at the family farm. I am tired of spending endless hours cutting my grass once a week. I want to get a ztr but I'm aiming towards a commerical cutter instead of a residential/commercial mower. I have heard good things from exmark, scag, hustler, and mostly dixie chopper(big money). I just heard that the commericals are built so much heavier and beefier than a residential cutter. I just want some feedback from some of you guys and what to look for when buying one. I know I'm gonna end up spending about 5-7 grand on one, but that's not a problem. Just wanted advice from you guys that use ztrs every day. By the way, are the toro's more of a residential mower? Thanks fellas.
  2. lawnspecialties

    lawnspecialties LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,524

    I know I'm tooting my own horn here, but you need to buy my mower I have here. Click this link. It's in excellent condition. It's also $10,000 new.


    For the amount of money you're spending, you can still get a decent but smaller machine.
  3. shovelracer

    shovelracer LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,008

    Not really sure what to tell you on advice. Your gonna be hard pressed to buy a good ZTR for 5K. Someone will say buy such and such cause they are cheap and cut great. Really it depends on your area. If you are cutting thick wet grass you will want a different mower than if you are cutting thin dry grass. Basically your local dealer support needs to weigh heavily on your decision. I personally like scag for there toughness and exmark for their quality of cut. I have used other mowers not mentioned that cut well but didnt hold up to the abuse that commercial mowing can entail. I would look around for a good used mower and definitely dont waste your money on a residential ZTR.
  4. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,220

    hard to belive that you have a family farm and NOT a tractor.....

    just put a brush hog on it......
  5. offroadTRD

    offroadTRD LawnSite Member
    Messages: 2

    yeah yeah yeah. we don't have any small tractors on our farm... no where near small enough to put in a yard. the small tractor that we have is 60 hp and the rest of them range from 150 hp-250 hp. the farm has a lot of obstacles to go around... especially my grandmas' yard (flower beds and fruit trees everywhere), so even a small yard tractor would probably take even more time than a riding mower. thanks guys for the tips though.
  6. dura to the max

    dura to the max LawnSite Silver Member
    from georgia
    Messages: 2,246

    all the machines you mentioned are excellent machines. definately stay away from a residential mower, theyre not worth the money you would save. i love my exmark, but i got great service out of my scags and dixie. toro is just as tough as the rest. the dealer makes the decision for me, i stick w/ gravely/exmark/stihl b/c of my dealer (unless i find a deal i cant pass on). pick a delaer that is going to stand behind the investment you make. all the mower you mesntioned are as tough as nails. you can also check out gravely and ferris. i buy all my equipment based on dealer support. the real commercial equipment companies are all neck in neck on the technology. go w/ the best dealer. you might want to check out the bad boy mowers at tractor supply, great mower for the money for what you're going to be using it for.
  7. pclawncare

    pclawncare LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 991

    What do dealers close to you sell. I like to keep my money local or atleast spend it with people that i know will be there if i need a part and are willing to help you out

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