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  1. Attn: Northeast contractors<p><br>Time to sew the seeds and get some of the money we lost last year<br>do to the 3-month killer drought.<p>Here is a copy of a classified ad I plan on starting 3/17 and run for a month.<p>Affordable lawn renovations, core aeration, thatch removal, overseeding,<br>fertilization & weed control programs, seasonal lawn mowing, licensed and<br>insured contact Mr. Stone email addy and phone number.<p>End of copy<p>I always make sure I get a one half deposit on any renovation work<br>when contracting with a new customer.<br>
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    Larry - Good idea, and definitely get 1/2 down. Most of our regular lawns are set because of fall aerating and overseeding and I shy away from spring overseeding for new customers especially because of crabgrass and weed growth. We do use Tupersan in 2 apps over 4 weeks, but sometimes it doesn't work so well, and it costs a lot.<p>What do you do to combat spring weed and crabgrass germination? Tupersan? Wait and apply Dimension?<p>What do you guarantee as results?<p>What are your start and cut off dates for actually doing the work?<p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply -<br>Ivy League Landscaping -
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    I have scheduled many of these exact same jobs for this spring. I think that the drought may have actually helped some of us, as the renovation work can be very profitable. <p>An interesting conflict when it comes to crabgrass. You could simply tell the customer that they will have to put up with the crabgrass for the year because of the re-seeding. You could wait and appily a product later in the season, and hope for the best.<p>I think that the awnser is to use a product with Siduron as the active ingredient. This is the only premergent that is safe to use on newly seeded areas. It is more expensive than a conventional product, but build that into your re-seeding cost.
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    Sometimes you just have to seed in the spring. Take my own lawn- a 1/2 acre woodlot last fall, Ill be seeding it next week, have no choice I need something growing to prevent erosion and so the kids dont have a mud bog to play in, whatever grows will do until the fall when I will probably have to re-seed.<p>Bill
  5. Phil wrote:<p>&gt;What do you do to combat spring weed and crabgrass germination? Tupersan? Wait and apply Dimension?<p>Nothing but apply momentum or acclaim after<br>any germination.<p>&gt;What do you guarantee as results?<p>If the lawn is watered it will grow. <br>For most renovation projects I kill off all<br>with Roundup wait 7+ days and return with<br>a lesco overseeder (rental) and sew a fresh<br>batch of triple blend rye.<p>&gt;What are your start and cut off dates for actually doing the work?<p>April 1 thru May 15<br>
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    lesco and focal point have great fliers for promoting seeding. we have used both with great results. We sell two step seeding once in the spring and another in the fall. some people buy both seeding in the spring and some wait to see how the lawns look in the fall. we found tupersan works well followed up with a low rate 1oz per 1ooo of pre-M.<br>I have also put down the low rate watered it in and slice seeded into it with very good results. its not supose to work but it does.<br>to seed quiker you can seed the day after you use roundup. their is no reason to wait. Done that many times. Start thinking about deep root feeding (water and organics) those drought stessed trees, they are going to need all the help they can get.
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    Truth is that Pete told Steve what to write.<br>Dino
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    SO WHATS THE BIG DEAL. I understand you mow one day a week.Who cares if Bill told Mary to tell Pete what to write? Reply?
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    Sorry there big guy<br>I know Steve very well, we do alot of work together. He owns the largest and most respectable landscape/maint. co in my area. as a matter of fact I am wearing his company shirt as I write this.<br>Pete is the manager of the fert and chemicle division of his business. I was just having a liitle fun with people I know. I am glad he found this forum.<br>If you want to know how to grow,manage,market, and survive in this business then Steve is one person who can help. <br>Dino
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    Dino, your right about pete, he could have told me what to type, but that one was all mine. Pete might have even had a better way. Thanks for the glowing report on the business makes me sound very impressive, maybe you can start writing my marketing. You get the gold award for pushing me towards that V-plow, WOW. never buy a staight plow again. Lets talk soon.

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