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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pinnacle, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. pinnacle

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    Correct me if i'm wrong but you have had a fair bit of experience with GD Chariot's..........Yeh?
    Mate I have got one with around 170 HRS (25 hp Kohler, 52'', 03) on it and I love It.
    I've done a search on GD Chariots and have found some good info but not much of it.
    Could you give me a little insight into what you would consider the PROS n CONS to the machine please.
    I would just like to hear your thoughts on them and have you had a good experiences with em ?

    Much Appreciated
  2. Simone Lawn Service

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    Hey "Mate",
    I myself have a Surfer, which I'm not very happy with right now. But, to be fair, this mower has paid for itself several times over. I've just outgrown it and I am ready to move up. As far as Chariots, I help mow at my church once a week; sometimes I use their Chariot (similiar to yours) and sometimes I use their big Kubota tractor. The Chariot is a lot nice than my Surfer (more productive with the 61" deck, sit down, electric start, and the cut is much nicer because of the floating deck and higher horsepower engine) However, If I had to compare it to the Lazer Z I demoed last week, I can honestly say the Lazer has a much nicer cut, a more comfortable ride, and I liked the control setup better (took a lot less effort than the Chariot does). Does your dealer take care of you? Our local GD dealer sells a lot of different brands, and seems to cater more to the homeowners. I think dealer support means a lot. Can't say I really have any complaints about the Chariot, but I think I'll be going to the 04' Lazer for next year. Sounds like YOU love your mower, thats great! and that's what is really important.
  3. pinnacle

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    Thanks for the reply Mate.

    Yeh I would go and demo an Exmark in a flash if they were avalible in Australia. But hey ya can't win em all. ( You guys get all the good stuff :( )

    The first thing I asked my dealer was " Say the clutch is gone now,how long before I'm cutting again?" He said all parts delivery's are over night. But I used to live right near GD Australia head office and I can honestly say they are backing up the product (parts wise) 110% so I am pretty happy with the dealer support. The dealer that I purchased from is a really nice guy (not the make a sale nice guy either) just a nice guy. He used to live down near me so we have something incomen. We used to drink at the same Pub etc so thats good. The other day I needed 2 cutting belts and some blades and I called at 8:30 am and he had them couriered to me buy 9:30 (pretty good considering it a 40 min drive away. As you say "dealer support is important" and I agree all the way.

    Spot on hey matey:) I do love it and I think I made a good choice.
    It was the Danes Chariot or Toros Z master (SFS DECK......YUK)
    or a ferris IS ( not tryed and proven in my eyes)
    Thanks Matey...........Your post is appreciated:
    Have a good one:)

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