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  1. cgland

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    Bill - Do you have any pics of your shop? I am in the midst of "building a new facility and would love to see some pics of your operation (as would others)

  2. Drafto

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    Do you have any pics or specs of your new building Chris? I am just curious, I know you have been talking about this for a while now. Is it a good commercial site, storefront?

  3. bigviclbi

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    I think Bill's place will probably be the size and look a little like the rebels bunker in Empire Stikes Back. $300,000.00 driveways can get you a nice setup.
  4. cgland

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    I have pics of the land, but nothing of the building yet!:realmad: We should be breaking ground in a couple of weeks. :rolleyes: I will definately start a thread when we do. The building itself will be a 50'x100' post frame with 4-10' doors and 1-14' door. Wrapping the front and side will be 2500 sq. ft. of offices, showroom, lobby, conference room, and rumpus room for the employees. It should be pretty sweet when it's done.
    Anyone else have pics of their shops or offices(and by offices I don't mean your desk with a commodore 64 on it)


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    If I showed you my shop you would die laughing. It's a field with a tent. Property and buildings are so ridiculously over priced in this hig dollar sand box, if I built what I wanted at this time, my overhead ratios would go so far above and beyond people could not afford to pay my already high prices.

    Soon however, we will be where we want to be,.

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