Attn: Web Hucksters!!!


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As long as your logged on to the internet or does it have to be your site?? How do you find all of this stuff..
Yes you have to be logged on. But if you have a cable modem like myself you are connected to the backbone of the internet 24/7.

See with this Instant Message thingy your fish does not have to download anything. They just click and you get the message at your terminal in your home/office.

AOL has blocked the use of its program AIM to any outside domains so there is no universal internet instant messaging client. AOL AIM only works on AOL accounts, MSN only works MS network, ICQ only works on ICQ and the customer has to have those apps on thier drive to make any of them work.

With the Human Click app all your guppy has to do is click a button to talk directly to you. I think there is a mail box if you are away from your machine.

If MY main focus was hi end residental business this would be a good tool to make an inital contact. One could state that they are usually available for a consultation from
6pm to 9pm every weeknight.