Atv For Grass/brush Cutting?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BASIC, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. BASIC

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    Does anyone use an ATV for grass and or brush cutting?The stuff I mow isn't really grass,it's dirt with green stuff on it,the ground is pretty rough and people just want it to look neat not fancy.I've been thinking about getting rid of my SCAG Tiger Cub and buying an ATV to use on these properties and try doing some brush gutting as well as dragging out some logs for firewood,etc.I would think a tractor might be better but an ATV would run about $6000 and a brush mower(Kunz Enginering) about $3000,a tractor woud be about $20,000 not including a brush cutter.Any suggestions?Thanks.
  2. imograss

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    I have an ATV. I thought when I purchased it, I would use it to aerate, brush removal ect. What I found was that the ATV wouldn't accomplish the work efficiently. My Hustler is much quicker aerating, and the brush removal isn't a frequent thing for me. I would use an ATV for heavier jobs, such as firewood, but again it would take alot of work to justify an ATV purchase just for that reason. Now I use my ATV hauling wood, and deer. Just my .02
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    I know I could get a tractor that would be the equivelant of the ATV for far, far less than 20,000 WITH a bush hog...may not be a brand new one mind you but you don't need a brand new one to do what you want, do you? For some suggestions you may want to ask someone over here: :usflag:

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