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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffex, Dec 6, 2001.

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    I bought a new yamaha atv for my son and I to play on this winter. I want to hook up a spreader and an aerator to it so I can write off part of the cost on my business. Anyone have success with atv in thier business. I think a front mount spreader will work great on my 1/4 acre lawns. I only have a few properties that a tow behind will work. I have seen towbehind aerators for tractors at home depot for $180 . Anyone use a setup like this. I've seen Stones tow behind aerator but my properties are too small for that monster!
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    I would not suggest getting the aerator from home depot!!!!
    There have been some posts about these aerators, not plugging very deep, can`t out enough weight on them, and they just don`t hold up very well. :mad:
    I use mine for doing aerations and have a 48 inch Turfvent pull behind core aerator and it does a good job. The cost was about 350.00.
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    i love atvs and feel they can be a great asset to a company. not sure bout a aerator but definitly get a spreader, there was a guy that used a setup like that at a soccer field near by. i would reccamend getting a rear mount one however, maybe even hitch mounted for easy removal. also how about a snow plow? or a wagon? those always come in handy!!
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    Can you fully write off an ATV? If so I am buying one. Has anyone done this that has an accountant? Is it legit?
  5. If you write that off and get audited you get to pay uncle sam even more money. You must be able to show the hours used for biz with it. If it is a sport ATV don't waiste your time trying to deduct it.

    ATV's can be good but they are not the best for what you will be using it for. They will load up being run at the same RPMs for long periods of time. They were not designed for lawn care.

    Spreading fert, seen guys use them asked how they work and they say great, flip side whats gone wrong, blown motors carb problems etc........When fert., you must go at a designated steady speed which is hard to do on an ATV.

    Towing an aerater- can do it, I wouldn't use. Similar problems as fertilizing.
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    Anything that you buy and you feel might be questionable for tax write off purposes, just make sure you take a few pictures now and then of you using it for your business. You know the 4 wheeler on the trailer with the mowers heading to a job, 4 wheeler pulling a harrow across a lawn showing it working. All this will help your case later if needed. I use both a 3 and a 4 wheeler for my business but only write off the parts and repairs. They are used for soil prep work, seeding and fertilizing.
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    I only bought a 2w drive model but I would love to get a plow. Where I live snow is hit or miss so most snows are 2-4 inches with an ocassional storm of 6 or more. I'm not sure the 2wd models are any good for plowing because they don't list them in catalogues I've seen for plows. I'm going to make my own wooden v plow and try it out this winter . I took accounting in college and you can write off the hours used on the equipment and a portion of the depreciation. However, as others have posted it will probably throw up a red flag for IRS .Most expences and write offs should be in line with % of gross income. For the guy needing the write off to buy one "just get it" tons of fun and gave something for my son and I to do together. He is a teenager and we were butting heads until we got this toy and now we're just two guys looking for a place to ride!! Thats how I sold the idea to my wife and she is now jealous of how well I get along with my son.
  8. What's wrong with just using a $10 plastic hand spreader for 10k sq ft home sites?

    IMHO the little hand spreader is the way to go on small home sites for I can direct the material better into smaller chopped up sections on turf amongst intensive tightly landscaped areas.

    Try looking around at the rental places in your area for a walk behind plug machine.

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