ATV Tow-behind mower for brush. Swisher?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TXTom, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. TXTom

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    I am looking for a good brush mower that can be pulled behind an ATV. This will be used for rough cutting along dirt roads. Most of the material to be cut will be high grass, saplings, possibly cactus. Anyone have any recommendations? Amazon sells the Swisher 44" rough cut with a 14.5HP motor for $1799 free shipping. I would like to hear from someone that has used one of these or something similar.

  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    I've never put much confidence in swisher products.

    That's about all I can tell you.
    I've always used a tractor for rough cut.
  3. swingset

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    I bought the Swisher tow-behind brush cutter for my Rubicon a few years ago...local guy had it practically new, for sale so I nabbed it for $700.00.

    The good? It's pretty tough, it cuts well and it runs like a champ.

    The bad? It's very limited. Unless you're mowing a VERY long, straight path it's very cumbersome to maneuver or turn around. For maintaining a path, it's handy, but for anything else a good cheap used tractor will do better for less $$. I'm not sorry I bought it, it works to maintain my deer trails, but don't buy it for doing a lot of turning.
  4. TXTom

    TXTom LawnSite Member
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    So would an old riding mower with the deck at its highest setting be better? I have a ZTR that I don't want to tear up mowing 18" grass, rocks, cactus. I don't think I can find a tractor/shredder combo for less than $3500. This setup will be used once or twice a year to mow down grass at the deer lease around the campsite and along the roadsides.

  5. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
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    I'd get an older used commercial ZTR or front mower with a big engine.

    Something old and cheap enough you won't mind working it that hard.
    But something good enough to get the job done and double as a backup machine.

    This might be a good application for a set of Meg-Mow blades due to their ability to 'break away' like brush hog blades/knives.

    Also remember to either fill the tires good with puncture sealant or go with the foam-filled or whatever. You would be surprised what the big briars and thorns can do to a set of tires... really...
  6. fiveoboy01

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    I concur. Something like this POS. I got it for 700 bucks, and it made me 6 times that much last year alone.


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