Atv use for lawn rolling?

Discussion in 'ATV / UTV' started by CK82, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. CK82

    CK82 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Has anyone ever used there atv for landscape work/maintenance. I towed a fertilizer spreader a few times last season and it worked out good. My ZTR's do not have a hitch system like my atv and would not be able to hook up and tow a lawn roller. The only problem I found is that the atv doesnt turn very well (in comparison to a ztr) and when turning the front tires do a number on the lawn. Any knowledge or info would help! Thanks, Chris
  2. Indy Kyle

    Indy Kyle LawnSite Member
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    We used an atv to pull around an aerator last fall. It worked ok but like you said it doesn't turn worth a crap. It wasn't too bad since they were large properties though. You should be able to buy or fabricate a hitch for your ztr.
  3. tyaroch

    tyaroch LawnSite Member
    from MI
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    I have done it in the past, but I made a hitch for my Z. Sometimes you can order a hitch as an accessory or find on at an online auction. What mower do you have? maybe someone here can find one for you.
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  4. ffemt1271

    ffemt1271 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i got a big sprayer with a boom on one of mine, i spray some lawns with it, but mostly spray on the farm and hunting roads with it.
  5. Kilroy

    Kilroy LawnSite Member
    from KY
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    I've used a small ATV (4 wheeler) and trailer for mulching for many years. Works great. I replaced the original very knobby tires with non-damaging tires. Keeps from tearing up the grass. I don't see why you couldn't use one for lawn rolling.
  6. OP

    CK82 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sounds good. I am going to be rolling mainly residentials, I think it will work with the atv, but the tires are agressive trail tires and I have a feeling it will tear things up. I guess its worth a try. On the other hand...I currently have my baggers on both of my ZTR's, so I can't put a hitch accesory on. I could however put one on if it were easy to remove so the bagger would work. I have both Toro's (One older model Z Master and a new model Z500 series I believe). If anyone has any ideas or knowledge of a fabricated hitch I would like to hear it, or if there is a manufacturer who sells them. Thanks!

  7. Bo614

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    if your gonna use the ATV i would get these tires that are in the link below. I run them on my atv that i use for yard stuff and they work great at not tearing up the lawn and still give you traction. i dont know about the price on the site i just searched them so you could see what they are ...but look around at prices. hope this helps:usflag:
  8. chuck bow

    chuck bow LawnSite Senior Member
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    i dont believe in rolling a lawn , its the worst thing you can do , packing that soil down and not letting it breath . The only thing when oit would be ok is if you rolled it and followed right behind with a areator
  9. cgaengineer

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    I use my Recon on my personal lawn without damage, but I have let the tires go until nearly slick. I dont want to purchase tires because I do like to use it on my lawn and I cannot find a turf tire for my size wheels. They are great for araes with limited space for a full sized truck and pull a garden wagon and a trailer very nicely.
  10. garyeymard

    garyeymard LawnSite Member
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    i fabricated a hitch mount on the front of my atv i made it with 5" x 3" piece of angle iron and a hitch pin from tractor supply. had to remove plastic bumper guard the bolted it to the bumper guard tubes with U-bolts U can really get in tight spots instead of having to keep looking backwards all the time Worked out great for me

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