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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Comet, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. Comet

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    Is the tetrix pond kits as good as an aquscape pond kit? (Spelling error)

    I know with aqascape no ultra violet light is needed etc due to the filtration system...etc etc

    Also on the bio-falls on aquascape,,, what other methods are good to hide the bio-falls other then a cross bridge and or tall grass planting (landscape softscapes)

    I seen a company installing tetrix kits just slapping them together 1 2 3 looking pretty aweful. They dont try to hide the liner 100%, they just fill the pond up with 3/8" natural gravel and leave about 4-5" of the liner exposed at the top,no shelves, to me it sticks out like a sore thumb,,,

    For some reason people are eating them up though,, might be the price..
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    Do you possibly mean the Tetra pondkits? I looked around for the tetrix pond kits and can't find anything. Either way, the main reason why people go for the other pondkits is price.

    A lot of people assume that a $100 pond is the same as a $5000 pond. We get people calling us all the time to re-install their pond the right way, after their $100 pond turns green and stinks up the back-yard.

    We just tell people that you get what you pay for. A Walmart pond is not going to be as functional, beautiful or low-maintainence as an Aquascape Ecosystem pond. This usually does the trick.

    Aquascape Designs
  3. Comet

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    Yes it was tetra,,, I looked at them some more today and yes there pretty much the cheap homeowner back yard do it your selves stuff.

    Ill be going with aquascape.

    This will be my first aquascape from scratch, It was suppose to be a mini 6*8 with the WGP-60 pump.

    HO wants the 2700 pump and then asked later on if also if the pond can be increased just a little to possibly 6*10 or 7*9,,just anything bigger then a 6*8.. I should have said no or OK itll cost you more,, but its very possible My price is high,,I have no clue other then a trial and error with this one.

    The nursery only has in stock the 8*11 and 11*11.
    Ill have to purchace the 11*11 in order to get that size pump.

    Talking to others and calling aquascape toll free numbers techs,,they all seem to say itll be OK.

    Im not going to be able to do this in a day,, Only have one laborer and one experienced pond builder.
    There is a tree stump that needs to be taken out first exactly where the pond will be :(

    I know this will come out looking ace, but if I do more Im deffinetly going to stick to my guns with the pricing way up there.

    Expenses arent cheap


    email me if you want to know what i charged, id like to know if im either in the ball park or way to high or way too low. Many people are asking me for ponds and Im not even advertising ponds, but I know I can do it from my experience with stone work and from gunite swimming pool installations etc,,ewww was that tough!!

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