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Discussion in 'Network: International' started by mickmok, Mar 4, 2006.

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    Im new to the business, as in I mow my own lawn:p I was looking to get into a lawn care business and I am just keen to know what the best aproach is? I dont know much about business ownership as I am reasonably young. Any pointers on where to start, how to advertise...legally, insurance, good equipment etc. I know most of you dont want to give away your secrets but some help would be awesome
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    I spent 25 days in New Zealand in March of 2003. Toured the whole of the North and South Islands. Put 4200 km on my Toyota Echo rental. If my wife were willing, I would move to New Zealand in a heart beat....probably Tekaka, near Marahua on the South Island.

    Avoid debt. Every $1 of debt you have to service requires about $3 dollars of additional gross revenue. You become a slave to your debt. Anyone who's ever grown their business quickly and used credit to achieve it, knows exactly what I'm talking about.

    Small, reliable used pickup truck, 36" walk behind mower (small enough to fit through gates, large enough for productivity), a small open trailer. One of those Stihl or Echo Trimmers that allow you to switch up as a stick edger, hedge trimmer, pole saw or string trimmer. Good blower, nice hand tools, a wheel barrel. Whatever local brands are well serviced near your home or garage.

    Stick to small urban lots with Auckland. Plan out 4 FULL days of work a week...the 5th will be your rain date. You know how much rain you get in Auckland! Start out slow. Augment your lawn care with OTHER work (waiting tables, odd jobs, small landscaping) while the clientelle is building. Don't bid excessively low to the point that you aren't making good money, just for sake of establishing a customer base or volume.

    Avoid debt. Don't be tempted by it.
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    g'day ...try the aussie site im on which was refered to me on this same site .look up australia and you access that site from here hopefully the boys can help,cheers bro
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    BTW really good advice from o'dwyer cant get any better than that

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