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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PaulJ, Aug 9, 2004.

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    Paul, Im from South SIoux City, NE. Are you going to be at this auction?

    I am just starting in the lawn business and dont really know much about prices and what to get. I would like to get a good deal on a commercial mower and hopefully this is the key right here.

    is there any state licenses or anything that i will need to get? What about doing fertilizing? Do i need a license for that? and if so, are there any websites or something to goto. I am just starting out as a sole proprietor and will maybe hire a friend once in awhile to do something, but would just pay him cash, unless i started using him alot. But i wont need to get into W-2's or anything. What is your prefered Method of advertising. I hope you can help a fellow Nebraskan out. It would be greatly apreciated.

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    Most states require certification for fert. application, as well as applying any type of weed killer or insecticedes.

    In regards to advertising, my opinion is word of mouth, yellow pages and door to door fliers. If you go the route of putting out fliers or going door to door, call your local municipality. Some or even most municiplaities frown on door to door sales/marketing without a permit. It is comsidered peddeling. Save yourself a world of hurt by checking your local laws.

    I will not touch the paying of employees without documentation.

    Bottom line is do as much research as possible prior to making any moves.
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    Sorry but I don't think I'll going to the auction. I'm actually about 100 miles from omaha but thought I would post this for anyone interested. I didn't see anything listed that I couldn't live without.
    Looks like alot of JD equipment.
    the only lisence you need at the state level is the pest lisence through the dept of ag. Chekc with your city though for local llisenses needed. So far I have worked mostly by myself with just part time help for a few weeks last summer. I paid him as a subcontrator and issued him a 1099 at the end of the year. he only made about $700 from me. My accountant said this was the way to do it wiht that low of an amount. I'v used fliers and a newspaper add wiht very little results from either. MOst jobs come from referals or they come up to me while I'm working.
    Get a sign on your vehicle and hand out your buisness card to everyone you meet.

    Good luck

    any more ???you can PM me also

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