Audible spark tester?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fixer67, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. fixer67

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    I have the neon type and the spark gap type testers but both have draw backs. If it is sunny or you just can not see it from the handle or seat you are out of luck. You have to ask someone to watch while you pull the rope or turn the key. I am looking for a spark tester that makes noise of some kind. When there is a spark I want to "hear" it. Some type of buzzer or sometthing that will sound when there is spark. Does anyone know if there is such a thing?
  2. fixer67

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    OK, it looks like no one has ever heard of such a thing. I am going to try and build one. My problem is trying to find an optical coupler that will work in the 20 kv range. If I get one to work I will post how I built it here if any one wants to build one themselves.
  3. CCWKen

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    It shouldn't be too hard to tape a photovoltaic or optoelectronic sensor to the neon type spark tester. If it's made sensitive enough, it would "read" the neon flash to trigger a beep or buzz circuit.

    Just a thought. Good idea though. Could use one myself.
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    I make my cousin (who shows up hungover) hold the wire in a topped off styrofoam cup full of water.

    It also test his Blood Alcohol Level.

  5. fixer67

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    It seems we thank alike. I was thanking alone the lines of a photodiode (old tech) or a phototransistor mounted together with a neon lamp and then put in heat shrink to keep out side light from triggering it. I found an this in what was left of an old book in the basement. I am going to try and build one based on it.

    Spark tester.jpg
  6. xcopterdoc

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    Or you could just buy some bulk spool plug wire material, make the leads as long as you want. Or use an inductive clamp to a light.Might be able to get the parts needed from an old timing light. Just a thought. Not as fun as building an audible one though!

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