Auger attach. for Mini-Skid.. Help

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Coghlin, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Coghlin

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    I have recently sold my Bobcat MT55 with most of the attachments after three years of headaches and am now looking at a new machine. My core business is drill holes. I drill around 6000 holes per year. I demoed a Toro TX525 today and am demoing the SK650 on Thursday.

    What I didn't realize is that their high torque (1600+ft-lbs) auger drives do not pivot side to side only front to back. I am set on the fact that I want the most torque I can get. I seen a drive for a mini-skid somewhere on the internet that advertised 2000ft-lbs but I can't find it now. Also, neither of their auger drives accept a standard bobcat bit. I run the "orange" Bobcat clay-rock hex shaft bits with an adapter to 2-9/16" round but I can't slide it up far enough so that the pin hole will line up. It only needs to go a quarter inch longer and I can modify my bits but what if I rent a different size or something.

    Does anyone know of an auger drive that pivots in two axis' and is a high torque model for a mini-skid?

    Also, anyone know how much torque my Model 10 auger drive was on my MT55? I think it was around 1100ft-lbs.
  2. allinearth

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    I was told by quick attach that they would not make a free pivoting drive for a mini because of liability. Under the right circumstances the mini skid could tip because of the auger sucking into the ground. If you really have to have a pivot you could go with a full size drive and buy a blank attach plate and fabricate. I considered this in order to use the auger on full size and mini but wasn't worth the hassle.
  3. Coghlin

    Coghlin LawnSite Member
    from Canada
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    Found one. Pengo MS-160 - 2017ft-lbs. Now I need to find a retailer. Anyone have any experience with this drive.

    Also, it is true. The double swivel drives are more dangerous and I flipped my machine on its side on one occasion in horrible conditions. Lesson learned... just say no. But without the double swivel how do you drill a plumb hole on a compound angle slope. Most of the holes I am drilling are limited access hence why I have this machine. I go where others can't with big power.
  4. ConstSvcs

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    Have you tried McMillan's web site ? I run the same type of auger powerhead attachment on my Kubota excavator. The powerhead I use produces 3000 ft.lbs. of torque. Their heads are planetary drive units.
  5. Littlehoe

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    I have a Premiere Auger from for my kubota excavator. I am not sure of the model but when I bought it they told me it would be best to have a dual swivel on it so that is what I got. It seems to work good so far and I haven't had any problems with getting sucked into the ground however the torque on mine is probably a fair bit lower than yours.
  6. hardscaper

    hardscaper LawnSite Member
    from us
    Messages: 84 they offer single or double swing configuration, premier only offers single.
  7. Coghlin

    Coghlin LawnSite Member
    from Canada
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    Those look good. Anyone have a Danuser on a Mini-Skid?

    I will be using this on an SK650 or TX525.
  8. Coghlin

    Coghlin LawnSite Member
    from Canada
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    I got a good price on the Danuser MD-1025 of about $2000 with attach plate. Almost 2500ft-lbs. I could even go with the bigger model of 3000ft-lbs but I think that is too much.
  9. MowingisMaddness

    MowingisMaddness LawnSite Senior Member
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    The bradco/Mcmillen specs list 2300 ftlbs for there High torque X1500 auger drive. I have used it before and it turns a 36" bit. It can be had for around 2K.

    How does it compare to the Danuser MD-1025? Thanks, aj
  10. Coghlin

    Coghlin LawnSite Member
    from Canada
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    I like how the Danuser mounts. It allows you to get more lift height. The Mcmillen looks close to the design of my Model 10 on the MT55.

    You can option the same mini-skid Danuser auger drive up to 3000ft-lbs. I can just imagine the machine going in circles and the bit staying stationary.

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