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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ztec, May 10, 2007.

  1. ztec

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    Im using a ground hog hd99 with an 18" bit as seen in pics....sometimes Im let down by this machine. For the following reasons, it wont cut through grass (will just push it down and spin on top of it), a rock the size of a golf ball will stop it unless its loose dirt, and it will not even put a scratch in hard dirt. Am I asking to much of this machine?(it is only 9hp). I doubt the bit has more than 2 hours of use on it but it has hit some rocks....its not dull is it, I dont remember how sharp the teeth were when I got it but I dont think they are much different than they are now. Ive even tried with me and my helper pushing down and it doesnt help much. Is the bit just to big for the machine? Would I be better off starting the hole with something smaller like a 4 inch bit? If I drill a smaller hole and than stick the 18 inch in it will it stay halfway centered in it or will it just want to wander all over the place?



    auger (1).jpg
  2. RockSet N' Grade

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    Most of these augers have a problem with going through grass/sod. Cut the sod out with a shovel or skid and then dig. Keep teeth clean from build up. They also have a pointed tooth that you can use in addition to the flat blade that your picture shows........the pointed tooth seems to cut better. Wouldn't hurt to change at least your two outer teeth to new sharp ones. All that should make a difference. We just went through the same thing and I did all the above and the difference was noticable. I dug 100 plus 18" holes and then planted bare root trees along a fence line. Good luck..
  3. turfquip

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    I'd say buildup between the teeth is holding the bit from doing any boring. Those teeth don't look too bad but wads of clay dried and hardened between them won't let them do their job.
  4. ksss

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    The problem with these augers are in perfect conditions they work. Anything other than that and you fight them. The teeth I think are fine you just dont have enough ground pressure or flow to dig effectively. I buy or rent a mini skid at a min. I know easier said than done but wasting time fooling with that is expensive also.
  5. DiyDave

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    1. Turn those teeth over and they'll cut better.
    2. Dig the sod out if its old and well established.
  6. BCF

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    For the sod or roots, try sharpening the bits with an angle grinder. From the looks of it your starter bit may need to be replaced.
  7. ztec

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    If I sharpen them with an abrasive blade wont the edge not last very long? Seems like the angle of the would help out? Any thoughts on getting a 2 inch bit...making a center hole and than maybe a few more around the 18" inch circle?

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