Augering for shrubs?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Shady Brook, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Shady Brook

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    from Indiana
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    How many of you use an auger for plants other then trees? I am considering the benifit of getting an 18" auger for planting potted shrubs. I work mostly in clay and find the clumps difficult to get packed nicely around the root mass. Do you find that it is easier to use an auger on a mini for this, or is it more cumbersome then it is worth? What auger sizes do you find you use most?

  2. LB1234

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    We have a dingo with the auger attachement. We have the 30, 18, 12, 9, & 6 bits. We mostly use the 30 for the larger tree plantings and then either the 18 or 12 for the smaller plantings. We work in a lot of clay although we try and amend our soil if its that bad. Depending on access to the site, existing turf conditions, etc. we will use the auger whenever we can. It is so much faster than digging AND the soil is nice and aerated to take right back around the plant.

    9/6 bits are mainly used for posts. Although we have had occasion to use the 9s for some mass plantings.
  3. Stillwater

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    I use Stihl BT121's and bt45's with many different sized earth drills and plant augers. They pay for themselves. they are also used on fenceing jobs
  4. esnipe8

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    We bought an auger for our full size bobcat years ago (7+) and we have only used it probably 20 times, and half were for personal fencing projects, not landscaping. We jackhammer for ones, fives and fifteen gallons. 24" boxes and up we usually use our trencher if its safe.
  5. Beartooth

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    2-man earth auger w/ 10" bit for 2, 3-5 gallon plants, 6" auger for 1-gallon plants. Saves like crazy on labor. I'd suggest renting one first, however, to see if it works for you before making the investment.
  6. Ramairfreak98ss

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    although its nothing fancy like some of you may use on the front of the mini Ex or mini skid type machines..

    We use a 3pt Landpride PD10 i think with a 15" auger on the little simplicity diesel tractor. Yeah you gotta back up but if we have a bunch of stuff to install or a line of anything in 5g pots it will go to town, especially in the NJ central/south clay here.

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