August -- Scotts says winterize in my area

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Aug 31, 2007.

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    Jeeze, with the annual white grubworms now just coming out, I find it comical that Scotts is now trying to push "winterizer fertilizer" (in August) instead of notifying customers to watch out for the newly-hatched annual white grubworms that normally appear this time of year. Applying "winterizer fertilizer" in August???? I got this Scotts email update :laugh: earlier this week telling me to apply winter fertilizer now rather than watch out for annual white grubworms or spray for weeds. Sh$T, lawn companies around here are just now starting their liquid "weed & feed" liquid app's. Then there's the winterizer in late October thru early December here. I won't waste my land-grant university's time with this "Scotts recommendation post", but I'm sure they'd get a laugh out of it. :dizzy: My Scotts updates are supposedly designed for my area:laugh:

    What do you guys think? Is Scotts similar to TruGreen? Or is it my imagination? Are land-grant universities wrong too?:walking:

    rscvp Thanks for your oppinion.:usflag:
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    I think they start recommending it now so that the homeowner will get motivated and acutally apply it when they are supposed to. Just like they recommend season long grub control in May.

    No different than the retailers putting out christmas stock in September. At least I hope so.

    It really does mess with some people. I get calls asking why I am so far behind schedule b/c they see an ad saying they need to have such and such done now when it is 6-8 weeks before we even woould consider starting that particular application.

    PS depending on your area, YES scotts and t.g can be very similar
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    The stores have to get the fertilizer out of the way so they can put up the Christmas decorations!
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  5. americanlawn

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    While I was mowing my lawn today, I listened to the gardening program on the radio.

    State experts say it's still a bit early for spraying weeds -- let alone fertilizing. They said to fertilize & spray weeds here in late Sept.........then winter fertilize in November.

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