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Received 60mm last night! Nice!

Heard on the tv the other day could either get full on rain, be super dry with bush fires or get big storms his season! I think they covered it! ha
One other thing I heard was this will be a neutral year as far as weather. Neither El Nino nor La Nina. What that means Im not really sure other than should be "normal" weather. But, I cant remember what normal weather is any more. Its either dry or wet, no middle ground.
In the end we'll just have to wait and see.

Green, I cut that angle piece right out and removed the turbo baffle. Havent had much to cut or grass has been very dry so wont know until things pick up. It certainly isnt fixed but cutting long, thick really dry grass it left a pretty good spread of clippings.

The pic below shows a single cut down to 2" taking 2"+ or so off. This grass is super thick but was dry as a bone.
Moisture in the grass plays a huge part in the problem. Did another prop that was similar and virtually only time it clumped was when I cut where the grey water comes out.
That looks pretty good. Good you can get by for the mean time, hopefully you can get it sorted before the really busy times start!

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