Australian LCO's dangers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by alot2lurn, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. alot2lurn

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    It seems like every show I've seen about your country your led to believe that every critter over there can bite or sting you.Knowing that I frequently encounter snakes, bees and spiders here in the U.S. Just curious how often do you run across Eastern Browns,Funnel Web spiders etc.?Have you had any close calls or generally have any good stories about things you've encountered while doing your jobs.Thanks in advance for sharing your stories.
  2. Sandgropher

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    Well its a little bit of an exageration i am afraid :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    First the water, i have spent my life in and around the water from age 5 and i am now 39 i have spent hundreds of hours body surfing, surf sking, swimming ,fishing and scuba diving and have not seen a shark or been stung by a jelly fish, nor do i know any body that has.

    The bush i have spent 100s of hours walking my dogs in thick bush and they sniff out every thing and every thing, have not come across any snakes nor have i seen any myself, i am a keen bush walker to., also i have spent lots of time ferreting out in the bush, putting ferrets down rabbit holes etc, people say be cafeful of doing this but no snakes every come out.

    The only snakes i have seen are dead on the road, very few prob less than 10 in my life time, and i did run over a tiny one once with my mower years ago.

    Funnel webs are confined to around Sydney, New south Wales, very rare, if you get bitten theirs anti-vemon stuff, but 99.99% will only see them in picture books.

    Crocodiles inhabit the northern waters, i think one person has died this year, same as Florida with an alligator, also theirs dangerous jelly fish in Northen waters but mainly in the wet season ( nobody swims then any way.

    Australians live by the sea and there would be millons of hours logged up in the water, i cant remember the last time some one was bitten by a shark etc.

    Sorry theres no horror storys Steve Irvine and co like to rev things up a bit, we like to shock Americans a bit and some say they fall for the bait.:laugh:

    You say you freq see snakes, bees, spiders etc i would be frighten to live there:cry: Oh i did get bitten by a wasp once when i distubed one hedge cliiping but the pain went away after 1/2 hour or earlier.

    Last year 4 people died spreading mulch and potting mix in my state, leggionairs disease, that would have not made your papers there ,but if the same 4 were killed by a Croc it would have made head lines all round the world and would have been spoken about for years to come.:laugh: :laugh: Crocs sell papers.

    Oh i do not know if any body believed my little story about Quokkas on Rottnest island, they are like little kangaroos and very cute.

    Well i hope some one can give you a more frightening story of life here, but i dought it, your place is a lot more scary than Australia, just remember to swim between the flags at surf beaches and you will be fine here.:drinkup:
  3. topsites

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    Sure, that's the designated swimming area sharks and jelly fish respect.
  4. Sandgropher

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    Yes theres under water signs that say no jelly fish or sharks allowed here :laugh: :laugh:

    No really they have shark nets at places like Bondi and Northern waters have stinger nets at the main beaches, but swim between the flag in case you get into trouble swimming rips etc.:)
  5. garth1967

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    i would hate to do what i do in africa after watching shows about i would hate to come across a black bear or a answer your Q i have come across everything you can think of here in oz except a croc

    :drinkup: *aussieflag*

    BTW dont be such a girl get your arse here
  6. garth1967

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    in my mowing season the worst things are what we call paper wasps and snakes.there are many other things of course but the 2 things i mentioned are constant:waving:
  7. Sandgropher

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    Yeah Garth lives in the Northern part of Australia, which has more interesting wild life, crocs, stingers etc, none down here.:)
  8. Mickhippy

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    Im probably a bit more like Garth. I seen and had close encounters with most things except crocs. There way up in the tropics.

    I been very close to sharks while surfing. Scares the sh!t out of you! Once, after rain the ocean was all murky. The surf was good so there were heaps of surfers out. I saw a little fin pass by me, about 5 meters away. Didnt bother me as thought it was just a baby shark. Next day was talking to this guy who was out at the same time as me. He asked if I'd seen the 15' Tiger Shark! Kinda felt a little sick to the stomach after hearing that!
    Shark nets dont do bugger all. Sharks can swim around or under them. All they do is kill innocent wildlife like whales, dolphins and turtles. I like to see the nets gone.

    Ive had browns and red belly black snakes go across my feet when I was just a kid. Used to have a nest of red back spiders living in my window sill. Been stung by dozens of blue bottles (Portuguese manawar jelly fish), big blue jelly fish, and some other sort. These all hurt like hell but didnt stop me from going back in the water.

    When I was little, I walked into this spider web that was like sticky nylon. The spider was absolutely huge (I was only 6yr old though) I screamed like a girl when the spider started coming towards me. Was told it was a bird eating spider but not sure.

    Been bitten by giant ants, jumping ants, wasps, I think a spiders a couple of times.

    In the canals around here, there full of bull sharks and occasionally people get taken. There was a young girl up north that was taken by a croc a couple of weeks ago.

    Id like to of seen the Japs try to invade us through the northern territory. They would of made nice sushy for the crocs! lol

    I wouldnt live anywhere else in the world! *aussieflag*
  9. Sandgropher

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    THERE YOU GIRLS AND BOYS, IF YOU COME TO AUSTRALIA DO NOT GO TO QUEENSLAND ITS A SCARY PLACE:nono: :laugh: :laugh: this message brought to you by the Western Australian Tourist board:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  10. Mickhippy

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    Nah, its not as bad as all that! On the shark side of things, if you spent as much time in the water as I did back in the day, the odds are on that youd see sharks. Im still here though and I have never heard of a surfer being taken by a shark while surfing here. Swimming in the canals is different matter though. Ive swam in them as a kid but there is no way I would now.

    The snakes, well yeah, there out there but pretty rare. Ive lived in a rural area for the last 7yrs and never seen a "dangerous" snake yet on my property. I have seen a massive Brown snake crossing a road though.

    Spiders, the vast majority arent really harmfull to people but will bite. Never heard of anyone dieing from a spider bite around here. Most are just painful. As long as you leave them alone there no worries. There are some very hard core spiders though. Mouse spiders, funnel web etc.
    We were visiting my sister inlaws that live in the ountry. My miss's put on a pair of shoes that had been left outside. She felt something and took the shoe off and out came this massive funnel web look a like spider. I thought it was a mouse sipers but not sure. Nastiest looking thing I ever seen! Was a close call!
    Hard to mow and not run into webs though. That gets me doing the freak out sometimes but usually those spiders only come out at night.

    The worst bugs I have ever encounted was on Rottnest Island WA! The mossies that come out at night are massive and in the billions! Could almost drain you of blood over night! Damned things!

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