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I have heard a lot of buzz on here lately about the auto bill features that some of you guys use.I understand how it could have it's drawback and benefits. What about the review process? If a bill is set to be invoiced every week on a weekly reoccurring service, then what happens when it rains? What happens if there is an unforeseen problem that arises? You would have to manually review and check just to make sure.

TurfWizard has an auto-bill feature, in which instead of individually billing every time, you can run a date or set of dates and bill all the jobs at once. It allows for a review process, but also allows for not wasting time. The mobile interface will allow the crew to put in notes in the field as well, so that if they do any extra service the price can be adjusted during that billing process. It makes billing and review a whole lot easier.

I just wanted to know the benefits and the drawbacks to this automatic billing buzz that's going around! Thanks


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With service autopilot i have to hit the charge cards button after the job is completed (end of day, or next morning). Thats what i like about it. If i don't complete the job, it doesn't get charged. Its worked smooth so far.

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