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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ArTurf, Aug 12, 2010.

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    I am trying to come up with an automatic shut off device for a pump that fills a pond for golf course irrigation. I have done an internet search but can't find anything. I have the concept down in my head just need to find the right parts. I have asked my Ewing guy but he cannot find anything yet.
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    You mean something like toilets have so they stop filling up?
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    i believe meyers pump can help you with this,they build grinders and transfer pumps with auto start/stop non-merc switch's

    you're looking for a float switch/service interrupter to operate the pump
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    Man you keep it simple... edumekated peoples call em float switches :laugh:
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    I think a pond's look would be greatly enhanced by using a toilet ballcock assembly for a fill valve. :)
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    if the pond were being filled by a 1" line on city water the pool miser could be set 10 feet from the pond.

    i also don't like the float balls on the surface, i think that meyers pumps has a pressure sensative, non-merc switch
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    We serviced a golf course (9 holes) that had two ponds on the course that were fed from the main golf pumps. the two ponds each had a ten horse to feed off site irrigation systems, we first started working on the system and had nothing but trouble with the "float" switches that were originally installed in catch basins with pond circulator pumps.

    We finally decided to use irrigation controllers to fill the ponds, we basically ran the fill line the same time the irrigation system ran and then "balanced" it out from there whether it needed more or less water.

    If you don't go that route any decent pond supply business should have what you are looking for, the only thing is looks, so you might have to run a pvc feed "overflow" to a catch basin that houses the "float" switch that way you don't have a toilet ball looking thing in the golf course pond.

    Good luck
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    Ya I couldn't remember the name, but thanks for reminding me.
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