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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ksss, Apr 1, 2006.

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    I have received a couple of bids on dual plane automated laser grading systems. and

    These systems or at least the laser leveling machine can grade on the X and Y axis at the same time. This is different than Bobcat or Level Best box blade systems that can only grade one plane at a time. I realize that the grader attachments have dual plane capability, however I am not interested in that type of system. I looking for a concrete grade prep device that is highly accurate and levels a nice finish with a min. of hand labor and is dual plane.

    Anybody have any experience with these or any similiar systems?

    It is a fairly significant investment for an attachment (about $18K). I would like some feedback from someone who may have one.

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    Thanks for the interesting sites! Just did a rough ground for building site today.Used my Deere ctl 332.The building was 42x75 feet,with offset room 22x20ft. and 6 ft. porch.Room is to be cemented other was going to be dirt and just for storage.

    I have dual grade lazer,which i use when i do drainage tiling for famers so i have the the laser,so would be looking just for the valve and the attachment if i decide to do more of this type work.

    I always like it when they show them leveling off nice clean gravel ,sand,or fine dirt.Always looks so nice and smooth.

    The job and dirt i was working in was gummy clay,mud and forgien material!!!!!!!!!!! Other then where the extra room and concrete went the other was not as inportant,except for being level

    Would be nice to have the automatic,but used my laser and hand checked things.Got it with in 2 tenth over all fron side to side and end for end.Nice gravel,sand,or fine dirt to work with would have been nice.

    What size attachment would you consider? the 8 feet one or a smaller.I was using 8 ft. Grouser 6 way blade today.Farmer was hauling dirt in with frontwheel assist tractor and loader.Raised site 6 tenths over half the site down to a 3 to 4 tenths the rest.

    Thanks again for the sites 18 grand sounds pricy is that for the attachment only ,or are you talking for your laser equipment and the attachment????? Let me know which one you liked the best.

    One more thing do you think the dual sensor is really that important for the size area and the performence of the box scraper.Dirt or material shouldn't run around ends like with dozer?????????
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    Kaiser, have you looked at Topcon or Trimble? For $18K, I'd wouldn't be surprised if they had something in that price range as well. I've kicked the idea of a dual plane auto laser around for the Harley, but we just don't do enough precision grading to need it. Besides, I can get within 1/2" with my eye and I just need a guy on the ground with our transit and grade rod to finish it off.
  4. ksss

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    Actually the 18K is everything but the dual plane laser transmitter which was $3,5K. My laser is a Topcon. I was thinking of the 7' model. If you only wanted single plane it would save about 5 grand. That would make it much like Bobcats laser system, Level Best etc. I want to do it. Like everywhere I guess certain markets are just getting full. This would allow me to make money, with the rather steep investment keep it from getting over run with guys. Concrete is expected to hit $130.00 a yard by Summer. So the market is playing into my plan.
  5. Scag48

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    Let us know what you end up with, technology is sure getting the best of the excavation industry. Margins are getting smaller by the day, have to be working smarter anymore.

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