Autumn Leaf Savings on Quick 36!

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    For the last several years, Better Outdoor has been helping folks across America clean up their Fall leaves with our classic Quick 36™-Bagger-Gator Blade combo. We’ve also been rewarding the patience of our end-of-season buyers with some great savings on Quick 36™ Compact Hydro mowers.

    This year, Better™ is happy to announce its 2006 Autumn Leaf Sale, but with a really nice “twist”. While inventories last, you can create your own customized Quick 36™ combo at the lowest prices of the year! In addition to the great end-of-the-year pricing on mowers, add any accessories in our line at a whopping 20% off! Now you can not only gobble up all those beautiful but pesky fall leaves, you can save some serious green in the process!

    We didn’t want our existing family of Quick 36™ owners to miss-out, so we’re offering the same 20% savings on any accessories you may have a hankerin’ for.

    Mix ‘n Match mowers with accessories any old way you want… it’s all good!

    Who says Christmas only comes once a year…

    This sale applies to a limited inventory of 2006 models on-hand.
    When they’re gone, they’re gone. No rain-checks or extensions.
    Beat the ’07 increase. Prices will never be lower.

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