Auxiliary Switches on New Fords

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by edcolo, Nov 30, 2005.

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    I need to know what is the main purpose of the 4 auxiliary switches on the new superduty trucks, they are located with the brake controller (tow command). I was/am assuming you can upfit fog lights, strobes, and other electrical components to this panel.

    Today, my mechanic was setting up some lights on my truck (backup lights), I told him I wanted to turn them on/off from the auxiliary. He could not figure out how to connected.

    Has anybody done any upfitting using any of the four switches?
    Where do you connect them , since a harness is all you see when you remove the faceplate?


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    I have the upfitter switches running aux reverse lights on my truck too.

    Pop the hood and there is a bundle of wires by the drive-side hood hinge. This is where you connect the lights. Climb back into the cab and pull the access door off the dash under the steering wheel. Somewhere up there is the same group of wires, all you have to do is wire it to one of the switches. Sorry I don't have more details, but i did this when i first got my truck 5 mo's ago. I can go pop the hood/dash on my truck and look tomorrow if you need more info.

    Switch 1/2 are for high amperage stuff, 3/4 are for low amp stuff (if you have a lot of acc's you want to add)
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    Sure, I can definitely use your experience on this one. If you can please take a look at it, it would be great. We were planning to use the switch that came with the box.

    By the way, Does the lights go on when the Reverse is engage?
    or Do you turn them on without any relation to the reverse wire?

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    yes, they only work when the ignition is in the run position (which is good, but sucks sometimes too.)

    I turn them on manually, however i've been thinking of wiring them up so I could have them go on when the reverse lights are on too. this would be a little tricky electrically speaking.

    I like the option of being able to turn them on when i'm in parking lots before i come to a stop so people know i'm reversing into a spot. I will snap some pictures tomorrow in the light for you.
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    #3 & 4 are the 15 amp switched #1 & 2 are 30 amp switches. Ford knows nothing about them. I found the info on ford and the 15 amp switch wires were inside the cab behind the fuse panel. This was on an 05 , so maybe they finally figured out where to run the wires where there accessible
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