Average cuts per season?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lasher66, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. lasher66

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    I was just curious for you LCO's that cut up north about how many cuts per season do you average per customer? I was just figuring out what my average was and it only came out to be between 21 and 25 cuts per residential customer. This seemed to be pretty low, so I was wondering what everyone else was doing. I do have a few customers that have irrigation systems that I cut about 28 times this year. I guess the drought this year didnt help much either.

  2. FrankenScagMachines

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    I don't know if I fit into the North category as we're side by side, but I think I usually mow grass between first of April and end of October then do leaves most of November, weekly leaf maintenance is the preferred method for me. Lot easier to compensate for variables. OK so April through October, that's 28 cuts, take out two or three for weeks that you skip due to drought, you get about 25/26. Sometimes like this year, when leaves are alittle behind and the grass grows alittle later, I mow through the first week of Nov. then put on the bagger for leaves. Might still take off alittle grass, but I go right on through October to about Thanksgiving, give or take a week or so. :)
  3. CMerLand

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    Heres how I explain contract customers the mowing season here in NJ to explain how I come up with the number of contract cuts that they recieve in a season.

    Get out a calendar. There are 34 weeks from April 1 to November 15th. I drop two cuts off because its rare that we're actually mowing the first week of April, and we are off the weekly schedule when we get into leaf season in November.

    That leaves 32 cuts. For irrigated customers thats the number of cuts figured into their cutting season.

    Non-irrigated lose two more cuts down to 30. We do this because the are the ones always saying "but you dont mow as much in July and August, when we go to a 10 day or maybe a two week cycle.

    We then specify in there contract they will receive a minimum of 28 visits and a maximum of 32 visits in a season. If due to a drought year we only cut 25 times they will get 3 cuts credited back. If in a wet year we go over the 32 they will pay an additional charge.

    Most years we pretty much hit that 30 visit number. And the cuts go like this.

    April----3 or 4 depending on weather break
    Nov------3 or maybe one in Dec with final cleanup.

    Works for me.
  4. lsylvain

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    it really varries for us. It really depends on the weather witch is different every year. probably avg about 21 per year.

    some years we don't get our first cut in until almost may like this year.

    some years we do our last cuts in oct and sometimes we get 2 cuts in nov.

    it makes it really hard to budget.
  5. Brickman

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    I was never able to get in more than 22 and that was a very good year. Granted I live at 6000 ft. elevation, that does seem to make a difference. I know people that live 1500 to 2000 ft. lower, and they have almost 2 month longer season.

    LAWNS AND MOWER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Living in the mountains, I probably have the same mowing season as my northern lco brothers. 28 is my average. Some get hit 36 times/season, others get hit 20 times. Fertilizer=More Mowings.
  7. Swampbeast

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    Wow. I am way down south, so this isnt really a part of the subject. But I get on average 48-65 cuts per yard per year. I am still working almost full tilt right now. Only a few yards have dropped off. My mowing season is MUCH longer than yours. And Florida is even better!
    We often have to cut the same lawn 2, even 3 times a week during the peak growing season. Lemme tell ya, it gets old, real fast. And the customers dont like forking over three times the usual price every week. Oh well, that only happens for about three months, then it gets to deadgum hot for grass to grow!

  8. yardman1

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    I would have to agree with Swampbeast on that one, I also live in the south and we are still cutting, but it has started to slow down a little. I wish it would go for a little longer, but who knows.:D
  9. mklawnman

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    I would have to say up here in Wisconsin we get about 28-30 cutting's in, in a year, depends on how fast some of the lawns grow at times of the year but it usuall averages about 28 or so. April through first couple weeks in Nov, cause now im done mowing, cut the last lawn of the season last week :(
    Yeah you guys further south than me really have it nice where you can almost go through the whole winter mowing. But its nice for a change to get snow for X-Mass :D
  10. Green Pastures

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    I'm in south eastern Virginia, Newport News. Transition zone central. :D

    March---------2-3 1st fert. pre. emergent app. 1st week of month
    May-----------4-5 2nd fert. pre. emergent app. 1st week of month
    July-----------4 fert. app. 1st week of month
    September--4-5 fert. app. 1st week of month
    November---4 (including leaf clean up) fert. app. 1st week
    December---3 (including leaf clean up) Winterizer app. 3rd week

    It all depends on when it really warms up. I include fert in all my accounts. So once it gets warm the grass is growing.

    Minimum cuts 36
    Maximum cuts 41

    I do NOT do any work in January and February except for very nice HIGH end residential and commercial accounts, and even this is rare. They know to leave me alone, I'm on vacation and most times I'm not even in town. I do a good enough job during the "season" that most are willing to do whatever little jobs may crop up themselves. I will do mulch jobs and landscaping to get new accounts if need be.

    It works for me. All my accounts are on 12 month contract cycles, so I get paid monthly all year round.

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