Average hours per season running 1 ZTR


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I know this type of question has many variables, that's why I said average. Assuming you’re running 1 ZTR from April thru November, approximately how many hours do you normally put on your mower in that time frame?


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Memphis TN
We are probably closer to about 500 to 600 on the main machine, and the backup or secondary that comes out on very large lawns maybe 200 to 250.


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NW, Iowa
I run 5 exmarks. Not including the wam's or out front deck mowers or push mowers. I am in the 500 -600 range per machine. At 2 years Im in at 1000 - 1200. 3rd yr..those machines are gone and two new ones come on board. So every year were updating.


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it depends if you are solo or send out a crew. as a solo it's around 250-350hrs. while the season is technically 10 months long here you aren't mowing full swing all 10 months. you are really only mowing about 7 months out of the year. there's always slow starters, people that want you to stop early, dry weather where you have to skip yards, so on and so forth. some people need leaf cleanup but most do not. too many variables to count really. it will vary greatly by where you are located and the customers you have.