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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Set Apart Lawn Care, Mar 30, 2012.

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    I'm sure u will be fine 120 lawns in 3 years outstanding ! Keep it up man work hard u will do fine by your family . Congrats on your success !
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    This still leaves a large hole. It depends on how rich of a life style you want to live and what your family is happy with. The way the economy has been and where it's going is anyone's guess. Knowing where you'll be in 10 years is hard to say. You may want the big sport boat and fancy travel trailer along with all the other toys. Then you have the wife and her wants/needs and the kids. Do the kids have to have Under Armor-everything? It all depends on the life style you want to live.
    There's a saying, "the more you make, the more you spend". If you're fickle with your money and your family can live a life style of necessity and not "want" then you'll more then likely do fine.
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    I am just going to assume you are sole proprietor because you say your take home is your net. Looking at your numbers for being in your third year of business I think you are ahead of where you should be. Assuming you started this business with nothing grossing almost 100k is great for your third year. My only question is how much is being put back into business cash flow for improvements and expansion? Orangemower hit the nail on the head. We grossed almost 250k last year but my father only brought home around 20k. The rest was put into cash flow and we made some updates to our truck and mower fleets. The way he looks at it is like a nest egg. He is living within his means so that in the future he can collect the same amount out of his business, not deplete the budget, and be able to subsidize his retirement. Just continue doing what you are doing it seems to be working, just don't live beyond your means because your business has a great year or two. Who knows what the next one holds?

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