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Average Income


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I'm new to the site, and just beginning to explore the landscaping/lawncare/plowing business. Looking to get some ideas as far as how much money can be made in this business. I've decided that I probably need to work for somebody first, but I'm just wondering what type of living can be made in this business. I live in an area with 25,000 people (10 mile radius). There's a good amount of commercial property around. Trying to do some market research as to how much the companies around my area are making. Is it $25,000-$50,000- or more? There is a company in the area that has the local supermarket account, and a few more. I heard he pulls in anywhere from 20 to 30 grand for that particular account, I'm assuming that is for lawn/snow, because that seems like alot for a single one (lawn/snow). The guy seems to be living a pretty good life, but as I just started looking into it, I'm wondering how much you can make in this industry.

Any insight will help, like I said I'm looking thinking of talking to local guys to learn the business, but wondering if it makes sense to get into the industry with the economy/outlook/etc.


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ever heard of the search function?

this business is the same as every single other business in the world. you get out what you put in. be smart and know how to do it right and you can make a lot of money, however most dont know what they are doing and fail miserably