Price is going to vary widely on what everybody here charges. Different things affect price, terrain, obstacles, amount of trimming, I'm sure I missed a few. There are operators here who charge as little as $15 to mow and acre, and others that charge $100 plus. Also, the demographics in you area will dictate what you can charge as well. Check around your area and see if any of the LCO's will give you some feedback on pricing.


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For fine lawn mowing:
Prices start out at 65.00 per acre for flat open areas
up to 130.00 an acre for steep slopes and numerous planting beds to mow around. Bagging is extra $$

For bush hogging or flail mowers:
prices start out at 35.00/ hourly rate
(we figure an acre an hour +/-)

Hope this helps.




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A quick estimate as a minimum for me is $15.00 a 1/4 acre, so $60.00 an acre. For bigger yards over an acre, it becomes more of a hourly rate thing at which I charge $60 per hour.


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stanfield nc
Prices have to be tailored to fit your situation.
Example,are you crew or solo, big ztr or small walk
behindes.It really depends on what you can turn out
in an hr,and what the market will stand in your area.
Not muchhelp i know.JUST MINE TM