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    the layout of the acre will always move the price .....but just a quick mow and go/single cut is atleast $30-40.00 (60" Deck)and monthly year long service starts at $100.00
  2. ericksonbrad@hotmail.com

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    charge what the market will bear. i read in a trade mag that if getting more than 15% of your bids you aren't charging enough. a customer once told me if i was to busy for more customers i should raise my prices. i reluctantly took his advice and lost a few of my worst customers making way for better ones. the way i estimate is i have a 25 dollar min. with 2 guys should be under 15 minutes signed sealed delivered, then i think of customers at the min and decide if this one fits into that criteria, if not i start going in 5 dollar increments until i find a number that fits. after 50 go 10 dollar increments and after 100 go 25 dollar increments. if unsure make your best guess, offer a trial mow at that to determine what it will take and then go from there. sometimes if i'm bidding a job lost by another service i often ask the customer " do you mind if i ask what they were charging"? most of them say straight out and alot of times it is more than i was going to ask for hint hint. if it is less i say well its no wonder they are out of bus. or you were unhappy or whatever explaining the reason we charge more is because we take more time to do a better job, have better equipment ect...
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    every acer is different so i go by the hour. I figure out how long it will take me to mow ad trim in the spring when it is growing the fastest, add travel time x $60 an hour for two people. then in the summer when it is growing slower you are more profitable. we also mow once a week all the time unless it really slows down. some customer would like you to do it every other but that will cost you money, also makes routing harder. we do the smae houses on the same day every week.
  4. Greenkeepers

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    We usually average for an open acre around $45 and then it goes up from there because of trimming, slopes and whatever.
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    Do they want finish cut or bushhog? $50.00 per acre for finish cut plus EWTB time.
  6. Mark

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    60.00 per acer, and i won't go down in price unless it is a next door property. Marks Mowing Service

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