Average number of lawns cut per day

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mes37fan, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. mes37fan

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    I started my business on 1-1-06 and currently have 30 customers. I am in central florida. I am working alone and was wondering how many lawns do single operators cut per day in florida. The yards I cut are average in size and I usually do 7 to 9 yards per day. It usually takes me forty-five minutes to an hour to do a yard. I mow, trim, edge and blow. Edging mulch beds is included in my service. People in florida have tons of mulch beds. I am kind anal and maybe a little slow. I looking for feedback to see if I am close to what I should be doing or if I am not. I try to keep my routes tight to save time. :confused:
  2. D & J Lawn Care

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    i too work alone i do about 11 to 14 a day i have done 21 on fridays being back up you start making good time when you get multiple yards inthe same area in Tampa Palms some yards are in culdesacs and i do all 4 in 1hr and half it seems your donig fine some time I get 15 min. times if the shrubs are fine but 30 to 45 is norm. good luck stick with it
  3. JJLandscapes

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    we have a 2 man crew sometimes 3 when the grass is growing or if we getting to tired working by ourselves everyday

    we do 25 on an avg 7 hour day when we where backed up we did 39 houses in 11 hours with minimal equipment

    everyhouse gets edge,cut,blow, trim, beds done up 5,000 sq ft lots some bigger but thats not grass thats with the house property

    Another LCO does same size properties they do 200 in 4 day week but they use a 52 stander for the front yards and a 32 wb for the backs and a 4 man crew which is my goal with a 2 man crew with that same equipment setup in the near future (next 1 or 2 years)
  4. jazak

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    Right now I only have 10 accounts and hit them all in one day. Thats using a 21" inch push mower and my 14 year old brother on the Redmax BC-2600 trimmer. Next year I hope to double my accounts and purchase a 36" TTHP.
  5. ChadsLawn

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    The avarage I think would be around 10-15 in a day. I use to have my business on Brandon. I was mowing for a home builder and mowed 12 inventory and models for them. I did all those in 1 day by myself. But they were all in the same neighborhood.
  6. stuffdeer

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    Next year when I can drive, I will be moving all my current Customers(13) to one day, and do them all on one day, and that way, I have more room expand when I advertise next year. I plan on cutting, Thursdays, and Fridays. With Saturday being my overflow day if we have rain or such.
  7. DoetschOutdoor

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    I too have only 30 accounts right now and I was on a Wed, Thrs, Fri cut schedule before I just moved back to school on Fri. I would cut 10-12 a day, just depending on how my week was going. Most Ive done in a day was 16 and that was with a 36"hydro without a velkie. Maybe next year ill get a ztr, get 45 accounts, hire some help and get them done in 3 days still
  8. colawn

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    20-30 a day depends on the day. avg. size is 3500 sq ft. in 10 hrs.:weightlifter: yeah it's a lot
  9. martinfan06

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    Well kind of depends on how long your working 8-9 hrs for that many is pretty good 10-12 little long but if your doing quailty work keep at it. 12-13 you might want to work a little faster:laugh:. Definetly keep your quality up no matter the time, because in the end thats all that separtes you from the next guy.
  10. JTHutch

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    The number you can do in a day depends on how tight you rout is. If you have a lot of lawns in the same area you'll get more done. I can get aroung 12-15 done in a day by myself on my good route days but only 6-7 on some of my bad days. I have several that are only everyother week and about half of mine are 10,000 sqft or more. With 2 people I figure I get about 50% more done. I try to keep it to an 8 hour day so I guess I could get a lot more done if I went 12 hrs like I probably should do.

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