Average Price of a Landscape install

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by moose203, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. sicnj

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    normal install for 100 X 50 lot. is about $10,000 no hardscaping.
  2. PlatinumLandCon

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    What's the average price for a car?

    When one asks that we have no idea if they want a Civic or an exotic. Its so hard to tell. Basic install for a small front garden is $2k and up. Full 1 acre landscape with pool, waterfall, stone patio, lighting, trees, driveway, etc is $200k. I hope that narrows it down.
  3. mrusk

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    Depends. A landscape on million dollar and up homes is alot different then 200k homes. Another big thing in the topography of the lot. If you need retaining walls, you can easily add 50-100k to the project!!!

    Unless its a referall or something, I really try not to touch homes under a mil. A nice front landscape without big walls might be around 40k after lighting and irrigation. Backyard? If they want a pool 150k and up. We have no flat lots in my area. That drives prices up tremendously!
  4. TPnTX

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    Jason, I read your post and it says "basic landscape install"

    By that I assume you don't mean 1.x mil estates, six foot retaining walls, pools or even sod.

    What you want to know is what is a reasonable price for a "house" on an average size lot.

    Not an impossible question. Difficult to answer but not impossible.

    Bedding, plants edging and mulch. it can be from 2500.00 to 10k. Im sure you can imagine the spread. It's all about the size of the beds. I'd say the average is somewhere around 4000.00 for most neighborhoods.

    It's good info to have because you will get asked that very question. If your answer is like some of the smartasss replys you've gotten here I doubt you'd be getting a check.

    You look at a typical house that is 65-70ft across. Maybe there is a builders landscape bed there already. You might want to tell that person that 3500.00 would be the least amount to landscape their place.
    Is that in your budget? If not...either move on down the road or a better option is find out what their budget is an tell them what you can do for it. You still could pull off a 700.00 day.

    hope that helps
  5. moose203

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    Thank you for the reply, most of any company's work is going to be at the average Joe's home, sure there are exceptions to this but on average the 1500 to 2000 sq ft home is where the biggest market is IMO. does anyone know where i could find info like this in a online mag or non forum website? Again thanks for the common sense approach to your response TPnTX.

  6. JimLewis

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    Well, this is about the most ambiguous question I've ever heard. Not only can it vary from area to area, but even within the same city. Some landscapers I know don't even touch a landscape install if it's less than $100K. Others I know never land jobs more than $2K. And that's in the same city.

    I agree. If there ever was a question that was WIDE open to a field of totally different answers - this is it.

    But I'll answer anyway. All I can speak on is my own business. For our business, an average install these days is around $5K-$10K. We get some that are smaller and a lot that are bigger. But that's the average. We get more in that range than anything else.

    I can't imagine how a bunch of totally different answers from contractors who do totally different kinds of work in totally different areas is going to help you figure out anything. But there you go...... :rolleyes:
  7. Frosty_03

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    Well you asked and you received many different responses, however you do what you think you can do with what you have, I can tell you that the average in my area for a new construction is about 6 k and that is just basic. I think you asked a good question and many people read to much into question but that is our nature. Everyone that responded with their own interpretation of what you asked. I've learned a lot from this site, but I have also learned that some people hear like to make themselves sound true about what they say cause they like to help, so take it all in good schooling. I think in your area it would be the same. Remember get to know what your customer wants and can afford, and always be true to yourself and them and you will have all the answers you need. It is true that some prices do vary with in 5 miles of each other. :weightlifter: but that is why this is the best game in town:walking: Hard work and easy money:cool2:
  8. lawnfreak

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    Our average for a 150k new home 1400 square feet, 1/4 acre, 800 yds sod, 12 bushes, mulch, seed/straw sides and back is $3500. This includes no extra top-soil, just what we already have on site. However, on 120k home no sod just seed and straw, it can be done for around $2400. One day to rough-in and final-grade, and one day to seed/straw and install flower-beds. $300k homes and up tend to cost upwards from $5k to landscape. It costs more to landscape an older home because you have to rip out everything that they have and start over. I bid on one today where we were just ripping out the old grass and installing new sod and it is going to cost over $6k (2000 yards of sod); whereas, if it were a new home it could be done for just over $4k.
  9. alexschultz1

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    Try not to focus on this to much moose. We have 3 crews out running 7 guys at a time, we have to calculate our earnings by x amount per month in order to see our profit margins. I won't get into numbers but my company has to pull in 1k per day in order to keep my head above water
  10. JimLewis

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    Who the heck brought up this old thread? My most recent comment on this thread was over 4 years ago!!! LOL.

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