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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by House2Home, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Just as the title says, for those who use their mowers till they die. What brand do you use and what is the average life expectancy you have gotten with regular maintenance?
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    We never let a mower go till it dies
    Rotation on equipment is best
    But to ansewer you question Any comercial mower with good service can last 7/10 years
    Sure not the engine hydros pto boxes gear boxes seat did I cover it all.
  3. House2Home

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    7/10 years is pretty general though. You might put 1000 hours on yours and the next guy might only put 250. I'm new to grass cutting itself. I'm actually just expanding into that territory to give myself another avenue for revenue. Hence why my question.
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    I recently purchased a 2003 Walker with just over 2400 hours on all original major components. I'm replacing the blower this winter, it's not completely shot but close to it. The frame, box, wheels and tires are mint. The tires were obviously replaced recently before I got it. Everything currently works as it should with no leaks or hiccups, BUT I realize that the engine and hydros are probably playing in the 4th quarter so to speak and I can't be surprised if either gives out this coming season. I'm a maintance finatic and am familiar with these machines so mabye Ill get lucky and get another 1000 hours out of it. Since the rest of the mower is in great shape I plan on replacing as needed. I could not afford a new 10-13k plus ZTR. I'm solo and have a mint Exmark WB as well that is primary on some lawns and can be used as a back up if the Walker is down for a couple of days for a new engine or hydros. If I had employees I would not do this for the risk of breakdown and downtime. The machine I bought was owner operated and clearly well cared for. I think the decks and frames on the quality modern ZTRs are made to outlast the drive trains. With the exception of the engine just the sales tax on a new machine would cover the cost of almost any other of the repairs I can think of. This goes against most of what everybody suggests to do with mowers on here so we will see, admittedly apprehensive but took a gamble.

    I met up with my old boss this fall who runs a large LCO company with 13 Walkers and over 20 trucks. When I started for him in 1997 he had 1 walker he bought new in 1996. I asked him what did he do with it and was mortified to hear he had repowered it and it is still in use today! He has gotten rid of many others but has kept his 1st., the hour meter is broken.
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    I run Exmarks and the dealer told me 2,500 hrs is about the useful life. May get more, may get less. Lots of factors go into it.
  6. springscapes

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    Good to know info, looking to upgrade to a zero turn this year.
  7. The a rule of thumb is 100x the horse power, example 23 horse power 2300 hours hope this helps,
  8. weaver

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    I've never heard that.. I have had dealers tell me that 1000 hours on a machine is like a vehicle having 100,000 miles on it though... My work truck has 300,000+ on it (newer motor,trans) but you can't tell it from driving it though & I'm sure most top manufactures would have no problem getting 2500-3000 hours with regular maintenance...
  9. sjessen

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    Asked this question of a major manufacturer's rep at GIE a number of years ago and his answer was 5000 hours. Repower at 2500 hours and machine is largely worn out at 5000. Of course, this depends on the quality of care it has received. Have read of mowers with 7000+ hours as registered on an hour meter.
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    most pooped walkers I see are 4000 hours.

    Most ZTRs I see that are "stick a fork in me, Im done" are 2000-2500 hours.

    I had a ransomes belt drive walk behind that never had an hour meter, I bought it used (1 season) in 1990... I sold it in 2005 I used it steady for 10 of those 15 years... figure 20 hours a week, 30 weeks, 600 hours a year, plus part time for 5 years at maybe 10 hours a week, 30 weeks...300 hours a year...so did it REALLY have 7500 hours on it??

    I dunno... it always ran for 15 years, I used it to cut anywhere between 1/2 acre to 4 acres...that thing just mowed.

    It was possessed.

    truth is the machine was SO basic and simple there was very little on it TO break.

    It ran 100% when i sold it for $800 in 2005.

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