Average Zero Turn Life

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by House2Home, Jan 13, 2014.

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    My ranger is still going with 338,000+ on it! My 2002 Exmark Viking has over 7000 hours on it, and everything is factory save a valve replacement ($450.00) at around 3000.
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    This is why an hour meter is so important. How much of that 20 hrs a week was driving time, loading/unloading, trimming, clean-up, etc. My guess is you have less than half of those 7,500 hrs. In an 8 hr day, I sometimes only put 3-4 hrs on the machine. It seems longer, but in reality, the mower isn't running the entire day.
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    I'm calling you out on that one. I've run mower's that have out lasted the hour meter. And I didn't realize mower's died!
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    Seems a couple thousand hours on comml machines seems the norm.
    I am not one to hold to the bitter end though....there isn't anyone out there that will take a heap of junk off your hands for any kind of real $.

    Best to rotate well before shot.

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