Avoiding GrabGrass on spring seeded lawn

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by deco17, May 17, 2009.

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    I am seeding a new 3000 sq Ft area of lawn, seeded approximately 2 weeks ago in Massachusetts. I applied starter fertilizer with Tupersan, and have seen minimal growth. I have irrigation set for 3 times a day in 15 minute intervals, keeping seed moist at all times. I am wondering if Tupersan slows seed growth, or soil temp is playing a big role in minimal patchy growth. Also....do I add another round of Tupersan in 30 days or hit it with another product? Any help is appreciated.
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    You should only use premergent products on established lawns,grass seed will not grow because it creates a barrier on the top of the soil.

    Usually need to wait 4 months after you put it down before seed will grow.
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    To the first poster, you are ilegally applying herbicides if it is not your own lawn. Tupersan, chemical name Siduron, will not noticably reduce seeding germination rates but is only about 60% effective in CCCCrabgrass control. You will need to re-apply the Tupersan in about 4 weeks for additional CB control. After 3 mowings you can apply a less selective, more effective CB control like Barricade for season long control.

    Did you top dress? The irrigation schedule seems fine. What seed mix did you use? The rye should be sprouting, but the KGB may take another week as well as any fescue.

    To the second poster.... if you re talking pendimethilin, prodiamine or another pre-emergent CB preventative, you are correct, but this poster said he used Tupersan. Your advice is incorrect in this case. Tupersan is only somewhat effective against CB, but does not seriously reduce seeding germination rates. It is a selective pre-emergent herbicide.... not like Halts, Dimension or Barricade. I might ask if you are licensed as well.
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    All of my spring germination of grasses is completed completed now. The new grasses are mature enough at this point to withstand a Pre-M for CrabGrass. We can expect to see CG starting to pop-up as early as next month.

    The Tupersan was quite possibly a waste of money and troublesome for your grass seeds.
    When does CG usually germinate in your area?

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