Avoiding messy oil changes


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SE Wisconsin
I have a Cheetah and a V-ride as many of you know. I have no problem keeping things clean when draining and filling the oil. But when I spin off the filter, it get a mess. I have laid rags down where the oil goes to minimize as much as possible. But for the most part, I still have a fair amount of clean up around the filter, which wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't such a cramped space. It's certainly not the end of the world, and hey, if that's just how it goes for most people, then no worries. I will survive!!

But if there's a way to get that filter drained before I spin it off, I'm all ears! I let my machines drain for a couple of hours yesterday, hoping that would help. But I really don't think it did much.

I'm anxious to hear some thoughts on this. Thanks!!


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Have you considered trying one of these flexible/moldable funnel sheets? They're $17 on Amazon and look like they might help with containing the mess.

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