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awesome invention


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I just came up with a really cool invention to make plowing even easier---My device hooks on to any electrically controlled plow--(yes please tell me more!) OK heres how the system works you reach the end of a push an do nothing except shift into reverse(you had to anyway) the plow automatically picks up the blade for an adjustable amount of time (1-4sec.) theres also a bypass switch to disable it for normal plow operation--I'm in the process of pitching it to meyers now but I'm open to any manufacturers, let me know if you like the idea.....

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That's is out there already.

You can switch it on and off, but basically raises your plow when you put your truck in reverse and lowers it when you put it in drive.

I think the kit was like $89 or so, but haven't seen them advertised recently.

John Allin

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Erie, PA
Hermie Stern up in Michigan has had this product on the market for 5 or 6 years. It's called the Arc-Tik plow control.

As you can imagine (since it's been on the market so long now, and you've never heard of it) - it's not a 'sure fire winner'.


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N. Dighton MA.

Sounds like a great idea. I would make the time adjustable like you said. Bypass switch a must. I can't think of a negative effect. You can use the reverse switch on the truck. The circuit will need a timer circuit(one shot), and a relay to drive the plow ckt. Good thinking!!!

P.S. Sounds like somebody beat ya to it.


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It is a great concept, but if you really want it messed up, let Meyer do it. They're the best at it.