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Trevors Lawn Care

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Does anyone use Microsoft Money to keep track of their accounts. I am setting mine up currently. This will be an awesome tool.

What other types of filing/paperwork systems do you all use, and how effective are they?



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NW, Iowa
Ya know I just read your threads on low balling, telling everyone that you have the thriven business etc, and now your asking how to keep track of accounts?????????? What are going to college for??????

Trevors Lawn Care

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Business can you believe it. Actually i am just starting this company up as a trial thing. i will let it grow for a couple of years then maybe sell it, or just hand it off to my older no good brother or something. I guess i would rather start with a small low cost business and have it fail than a multi million dollar corporation.

and yes, i was asking people about keeping track of their accounts. This progam is sweet. I can customize the invoice and everything.

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I used to ues quicken, and a program called my delux invoices for years, but have switched to quickbooks pro and I really like this program. I also use a scheduling software called QXpress. These two programs have saved me a lot of time.


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I use myINVOICES & estimates Deluxe, like it so far, only sent out 7 bills. LOL


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I started out using Microsoft Money but my accountant talked me into using Quick Books and I'm glad he did. I use Quick Books Pro Contractors addition it has job costing features and other things that help you track your business expenses that MM didn't have. My advise is decide what you want to use early on so you can build a history of you business expenses in one program. For me as it is now because I used MM for the first two years I was in business I have too have both programs on my PC so I can look up what a piece of equipment cost me in the my first year for instance. Another thing to think about is are you going to use an accountant? If so what is he/she use too using? It's really handy and a money saver for me to be able to email my accountant a back-up copy of my accounts every quarter so he can fill out my forms and all I have too do is cut the checks and mail them to uncle sam. At the end of the year I just send him another email with the year end accounts attached and he can do my taxes with all the info right on his computer at home. Works out great for me and he gives me a better price than he does for people who dump a shoe box full of receipts off on him. :)

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Hi Trevors Lawn Care,

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