Awkward customer interactions

Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by Outlawn, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Outlawn

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    We’ve all had them. Let’s have a laugh (or cringe).

    I had one recently in which I met with an older gentleman whose mother had recently passed away. I met him at her house and he wanted to get the existing system going. We were standing in the hotter-than-satan’s-@$$hole garage talking when he ripped one...... I managed to not laugh but was thinking about how much I really didn’t want to smell his fart in a hot garage. I did, and it sucked. Lol.

    I had another one when I had the mowing business which was pretty much the same. Late middle-aged woman let one slip while we were standing in her living room talking on our first meeting, mind you. I could tell she was embarrassed but, somehow, I didn’t smile that time ether. I was dying inside.
  2. Wye Oak Tree

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    I have a customer who lives overseas and only comes to her house for 1 month in the summer.

    We were talking and walking around her yard and I asked "Oh, where is your husband? Is he coming this year?"

    She responded "No, he is not. We are getting a divorce"


    I say oh sorry to hear that and she was cool about it.
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  3. BigJlittleC

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    Meet with a guy about his yard. Sign up and all goes well. Next few times a different man was there and chatted a few times. On one cost I see the original fella and ask is that his brothers I see around. Oh no he says that's his Husband.

    Had another where I thought it was the wife I was chatting with each week then find out it's just the nanny.

    Last Friday go to pick up a check for a one time job. Get invited in for a bit as they start preparing for the evenings swinggers party. All I wanted was my check not a full instruction on how to throw the best swinggers part.
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  4. Mudly

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    I got half naked once because I hit a Hornets nest, does that count?
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  5. jlbf0786

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    DING DING DING, we've got a WINNER!!!
  6. Keith4216

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    Have a lady with a broken hip. Her care taker let's me in the house to talk to her and get paid. Few weeks ago she's writing my check and didn't notice her boob was out the side of her gown completely. The care taker also saw and we both just gave each other a grin and I went on with my day. Laughed the rest of the day.
  7. sjessen

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    When we start to get old if it's in there it has to come out.

    Some sneak by as well.
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  8. Grassfire205

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    I can definitely win this. About 2 years ago on 4th of july we had a big party and drank a little to much. Next day i was at a property i mow that behind their house is a 12 acre tract of woods that they have made bike trails in and sometimes hunt. Well i pull up to the yard about 8 that morning and after about 10 minutes of bouncing around i had to go and then. I ran to the truck and grabbed the toilet paper and into the woods down a trail i went. Got back on the mower and went about my business. About 3 days later the guy text me a picture and said his wife checked a trail camera and had someone using the bathroom. And it was all of me from behind. I just replied when ya gotta go ya gotta go. Next time i mowed the family was home and was pretty awkward but laugh about it now.
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  9. greenmonster304

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    I have this customer who is in his seventies. I have known him a long time, his son was good friends with my older brother. He lives right on the bay and frequently is boating, clamming, swimming, or fishing. Well when he gets back he likes to use his out door shower to rinse off the sand and salt. One time while I was working in the back yard he comes back jumps in the shower, when he was done he walked over wrapped in a towel to talk to me. Well while he was standing there he motions with his hands for so thin and let go of the towel, towel drops to the ground and there is his dong just hanging out for all to see. He doesn’t say a word about it just wraps himself back up and keeps talking.
  10. mitchgo

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    Attractive woman asking about netafim “ How do you repair this?!?!? I tried and couldn’t do it “

    My poor words of choice “ You got to pretty much just.. shove it in .. rather hard to get it to fit “

    Her : Giggles away and elbows me jokingly “ No Pun Intended right !?!?”
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