Awkward customer interactions

Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by Outlawn, Aug 6, 2019.

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    LOL Creeper alert!
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    Putting the daddy in mow-daddy
  3. Charles

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    I have 2 old guy customers that look like twins. They know each other I see one in town. I kept calling him by the other guys name because I thought he was the other guy. They hate each other. :hammerhead: Couple weeks later he throws my error in a conversation. I was like Ooops!:laugh:
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    Is that the story you told the cops when they showed up?
  5. Tara Ann

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    :laugh::laugh::laugh: lol’ing at these stories

    Unrelated to lawn care..

    Whenever I was a server for a local restaurant, I had an 18 top, and multiple other tables. Finished taking drink orders for the 18 top, and this one man asked if he could have the whole check. For whatever reason, I looked him straight in his eyes and said, “yes ma’am.” *facepalm*
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    Well now-a-days ya never know.
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    And sticking with it !
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  8. ltdlawn

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    Weirdest interaction was actually not with the customer. Have a customer that is in her mid thirties. I have done lots of work for her. Takes good care of lawn and landscape... well I’d come home telling my wife about what I was doing there and how much I have to talk to her (very professional) either last year or one before I was at Walmart with wife and kids and she saw me and said hi, the look on my wife’s face was like who is she talking to. Very brief hi how are you type of thing. When we walk off wife asks who is that I reply Joanna she instantly knew who it was and went straight in to oh so that’s who you talk to, I see now. Absolutely livid with me about an hour... geez
  9. TCSGuy

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    About 3 years ago, I was hired by two guys to run new wire to their pump. They were in their late 70’s, early 80’s. They had obviously been together for a long time. Their house was filled with pictures of them on their trips abroad. They were very nice and personable, and we had been there a few days doing other irrigation and lighting work too.

    They had a big house, and they told my assistant and I to just come in and out as we needed. Well we finished the job and it was time to get paid. I couldn’t find the guy who was home. His husband had left for whatever reason. I kept calling out his name, called his phone, texted him, no answer, nothing.

    I finally figure that I’ll just close up the utility room and leave his invoice. As I’m walking to the utility room, I pass this little nook (like 7x5). And there he is, old ass headphones on, watching gay porn getting it on. Suffice it to say, he paid pretty quick, and we were never asked to go back.
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    I think this is the funniest thread I've ever read on here. I haven't laughed so much in a long time when reading 1idejim and Mowdaddy's posts. Hilarious.

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