Azoxystrobin for Brown Patch Fungus

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ricsin1, Sep 30, 2010.

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    back in May I lost almost a whole yard full of the best looking fescue on my block. I thought it was drought stress but later found out it was BROWN PATCH FUNGUS. left untreated it spread and killed 85% of my lawn... oh well.. lessons learned... back to the drawing board....

    i just did a core aeration/overseeding ( lesco transition blend ) yesterday and I'll know about the BROWN PATCH FUNGUS next year and get my fungicides out EARLY around April/May and treat every 30 days or so..

    At my local Lowes they're having a CLEARENCE SALE on MAXIDE DUAL ACTION LAWN DISEASE KILLER! 10 LB bags - treat 5000 squ.feet for only $4.25 a bag!!! regular price $18.00. Active ingrediant = Azoxystrobin 0.31%
    ( the same stuff that is in the way more expensive product Heritage )

    I picked up 6 bags thinking I'll be able to treat my lawn ( about 5000 sq.ft ) once a month April,May,June, July,Aug 2011 ...but my question is WOULD I BE ABLE TO USE THE SAME FUNGICIDE EACH MONTH OR SHOULD I SWITCH UP BRANDS THAT CONTAIN DIFFERENT ACTIVE INGREDIANTS?

    I just couldn't resist that clearance price! what do you think?
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    Using the same fungicides over and over again will set you up such that it might not work in your area again for a long time. I have had to manage severe disease problems on turf before. Yes, you switch between different active ingredients at each application. Secondly, figure out what else can be done to make the turf less disease prone. In my case, it was to change up the way the turf was being fertilized. That does not mean starving the lawn. Most lawn fertilizers contain too much urea and not enough potassium and micronutrients. I get out of having to apply fungicides all the time by fertilizing turf in a manner that promotes health.
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    That product definitely should be used in a rotation.

    Read the label. Resistance can be a problem with most fungicides especially this one. I personally do not like any granular applied fungicides. Many fungicides do not translocate throughout the plant very well. Liquid applied fungicides with the proper nozzles are the best way to go in my experience.

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