B-A-A-D Mistake

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by REK (no not 'wreck'), Oct 4, 2013.

  1. REK (no  not 'wreck')

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    I live in the Charlotte, NC area. Just had my old inground swimming pool filled in, and was feeling so dadgone good about it, I ran right out to Tractor Supply and bought a bunch of bags of what I assumed was tall fescue. I spread it, threw some wheat straw on it, and irrigated it faithfully. Now that it's coming up nice and green, I read the label. 90% annual rye. I guess this season will pass well, but in May or so it'll all die out. Can someone suggest a course of action? TIA.
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    At least you have coverage for this season :)

    Order some good TTTF or KBG from an online supplier. I use Hogans seed in TN They have very good TTTF cultivars and I am sure KBG but I haven't actually checked into the KBG. Do your seeding in the fall.
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    Go back and get some tttf. It'll still come up this year. Go
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    Feel free to call me and we can discuss some options.

    Andrew Redden

    **i will probably give you a sales pitch as well**. Haha
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  5. REK (no  not 'wreck')

    REK (no not 'wreck') LawnSite Member
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    Got me some T(urf) T(ype) T(all) F(escue), and spread it the afternoon. Thanks for the help!

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