[B]Anyone know the retail on a Bobcat 60" with a 26hp kawasaki[/B]

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by retrodog, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. retrodog

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    Hey, just needed a MSRP or Promo price on a Bobcat 60" with a 26hp Kawasaki, or a Snapper (if they offer something like that). Also if Landpride offers that application. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. tb8100

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    Google is your friend. :) On the Bobcat, there's a dealer online that has a model with a 25hp Kawasaki (ZT225) and one with the 27hp Kohler Command (ZT227), both air-cooled, and are priced at $7200 and $7500 respectively. Another has pricing on Snapper Pro. There isn't a liquid cooled model, but the S200x has a 27hp Kawasaki paired with a 61" deck that has an MSRP of $8579 with the Michigan 5300 suspension seat. Another site has the Landpride AccuZ with a 25hp air cooled Kawasaki mated to a 60" deck with a suspension seat (Wise maybe?) that has an MSRP of $8899.95, but a promo price of $7500.

    That do it?
  3. bigclawn

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    With all the BB stuff you have why in the world would you be interested?????

    FWIW the very best place to find out mfg sug retail prices is your friendly local dealer which is where we should all be doing business if possible!
  4. retrodog

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    lol....I have a city bid up for 2 mowers, and they have to give a bid out to 3 separate dealers. The city demoed my lightnings, and I know that the guys definately want them. The trick is they legally have to give out three separate bids, and accept the lowest one. I know they sent one to John Deere which carries Landpride also, and the Great Dane\Bobcat\Snapper dealer. I am familiar with a few of the brands, but not specifically the 60" 26hp kawasaki from some of them. I was just wondering what the msrp's on the brands I don't know about to give me an idea how far off, if any at all, I am on my bid. A little homework I guess you can say. Again, any help would be appreciated, and I am sure that some of you would like to know what the prices are. I have heard about quite a few dealers actually charging more than msrp and promo pricing due to the simple fact that prices aren't usually posted on public sites.
  5. Juan_Deere

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    I have also found the Bobcat dealers try to take advantage of the MSRP not being published anywhere that I could find. (at least almost). I have found a few dealers stating MSRP on eBay.

    One of the local dealers wanted to sell me an older, but new 52/Kawi19. He even went so far as to tell me that the 48inch he had out front was sold so I would come in an look at the 52inch. I probably would have bought it, but claimed he was making me a deal at $6700, when he wanted $6999 the first time I talked to him. According to my looking around, MSRP on that model is $6700, so he would have to sell it to me for about $5900 to make the sale. I just didn't have the heart to tell him he was full of crap, and it was towards the end of the season anyway. So, I told him I would be back later. This was back in October or so. That 48inch I was really interested in, is still sitting out there when I drive by the place every day. Looks like he was lying so I would go for the bigger mower and screwed himself out of the 48 inch sale. I'm actually glad I didn't get it though. Now that I look at it, the rear tires are just as wide, if not a bit wider than the deck, so I would have some horrible trim work mowing with it.

    But what I was really trying to say was, check some of the listings on eBay. Those guys frequently list MSRP, even though it isn't in print anywhere else.

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