B.C's Highway 99

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Dirty Water, Aug 14, 2006.

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    My wife and I drove to whistler this past weekend. The construction widening BC 99 for the olympics is nuts.

    Gravel Rat wasn't lieing about B.C. having nothing but rock. It was quite entertaining watching huge equipment work as I drove by.

    Lots of Volvo Hual Trucks, Cat D8+ size dozers, Cat 960 loaders, and a mishmash of Cat, Komatsu and Deer excavators. Mostly Cat though.

    I was like a kid in a candy store.

    I was hoping to see a Komatsu PC1000, but the largest I saw was a Cat 345.
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    Lots of money being spent on that highway the sad thing thou its all for the rich people in their BMWs Volvos and Mercedes to drive faster to get to Whistler to go skiing. There are so many other highways in B.C. that could use improvements that would make it safer for the trucks hauling goods all around B.C. safer.

    I have a feeling the big Komatsu is working on the Eagle Ridge Bluffs haven't been in the area to see what has been done. Its a major job moving mountains to make the road straighter.

    Its good for the workers working on the project but in the end the tax payers will be in the hole for millions for that one upgrade.

    Most of the Cat excavators you seen are probably rentals there isn't many large projects like that require all the iron. Finnings does have a good rental service. Also the prime contractor is Peter Kewit so they probably moved some of their equipment fleet from the US division to B.C.

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