[B]Do I have to worry using a HDPE gas container? [/B]

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yungman, Dec 7, 2007.

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    I bought a small quart size plastic bottle to store gas for my blower and trimmer because smaller size is easier to measure and keep gas fresher if quantity is small. Few days ago I read an article about engine damage due to plastic dissolved in gas and stuck in the engine.
    The bottle I got is labled HDPE. I use the gas stored in it for only a week or two and I did ran about 30 oz in my blower. i Stop putting gas in the bottle as soon as I realize this. You think I might done some damage to the engine? The bottle don't look like it got eaten by the gas. I don't use it anymore. According to the label, it is suppose to be similar to the translusen milk bottle material.
    The engine run find, should I worry about it, what should I do?:confused:
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    Sorry to sound mean man but you just posted this in another forum and it was more than adequately answered by an extremely qualified mechanic. If his answer isn't good enough, how is mine with NO training in mower maintenance going to be better?

    Next, WHY are you putting gas into a non-gas container? It is a solvent, it will and did breakdown the one you had it in, whether or not you see it, it did. Don't do that, that is why CA and soooo many other states are getting nuts with the gas cans already and yet they can't stop everyone......

    Good luck

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