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B-K lighting

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With the new job I have been taking care of the lighitng here. They have some B-K uplighting on the front. I have found a broken lens. I am also finding out they are a PAIN to get parts from along with item #'s to get the parts.

Have some of you pros used them in the past and what did you think about there line? Ya'll have a great weekend.
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B-K makes some excellent products. Their meat and potatoes are not necessarily "spec grade" anymore. NiteStar and DeltaStar Bullets leak like sieves when installed in tree mounted downlight applications. Don't even both trying to convince BK that they have an issue here as they will not believe you and simply claim that they have never had a fixture leak ever. (long expensive story) SignStars about about the best in the biz.

Vision3 is a better overall choice in my opinion.
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