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  1. milo

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  2. Brianslawn

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    i use kohlers and dont know muck about b&s. is it the oil filter leaking instead? post in repair forum and fixer67 or restrorob will help you.
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    Got a picture?
    To my knowledge this is not common.
    I sure hope it's the oil filter like Brianslawn said.
  4. milo

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    hi, no it is the oil pan gasket for sure. i called the dealer today and he said he will put in a new gasket for me for $80.00 he said the same thing he never heard of it leaking out after turned off.. this is my first mower i have owned with a briggs vanguard engine on it. i have used them before but not owned one. i will say this about it, they run very smooth, quiet and my dealer told me these are his favorite engines out of all of them. and if they are telling the truth on the briggs&stratton webpage about the torque all i got to say is wow. i have the 20hp and it has like 17hp but like 27lbs of torque. thats way more than kawasaki, honda and kohler. i am going to take the mower in at end of season. till then i am going to put some permatex where it leaks to see if that slows it or stops it..
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yeah, never heard of that leak. I've never had any leaks on them personaly. The only leaks I've ever even seen were leaks around the valve cover bolts. But these engines had thousands of hours on them and it was not enough of a leak to mess with. Just looked messy if allowed to accumulate.

    I gotta agree with the dealer also.... they are my favorite engine as well.... no question.... and I have owned them all. Smooth, quiet, under rated on HP and torque, easy on gas, very reliable and problem free for thousands of hours usually... And if they are not, Briggs is far and away my favorite company to deal with.

    Now that the Vanguards are on the Scags and eXmarks.... I think they will soon become a favorite. All the guys that have them here are happy with them and problem free as far as I know. Speaking from experience, I'm not surprised.
  6. milo

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    hi i will say this briggs 20hp purrs like a kitten, when i put the blades on it dont even bog at all. it is a 20hp with 48 inch deck. i was really scared to buy any briggs engine cause all the 21 inch mowers i buy have them and they usually bend a valve or piston seisces up in one season but dealer told me the vanguard is nothing like them engines, they are built with good parts and last forever. he told me they are bullet proof and out of all 4 engines these are his favorite. one thing he said that was true when i heard it was. look at the old mowers out there with the briggs engines on them when they built all of them good. those 21 inch mowers that are 3.5hp and like 20 years old still run good. he did say that that is the only line of briggs he likes, the rest are not good...
    anyone ever try a spray sealent that is made by permatex for napa? it says spray it on where it leaks like 3 to 5 coats 1 minute between coats and it will seal any leak? well i bought a can $7.50 and sprayed it where it is leaking. i am mowing again on sunday and this will be the first time i run it since i sprayed it on. it looks like a ceramic coat seals over where it is sprayed. i will let everybody on here know how it works for me. hope it does. :D
  7. milo

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    Well Napa / Permatex Stop Leak Spray On Did Not Seal Leak. I Will Just Try Permatex. Anyone Ever Try Leak Ender??? Lol..
  8. Travis Followell

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    You might try putting some JB weld over the area where its leaking.
  9. all ferris

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    You might try pulling the engine off and replacing the pan gasket!!!! There is nothing to it. While you're at it you may as well replace the lower crank seal.
  10. Restrorob

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    Well, We all know the proper fix is a new gasket so just keep this in mind.
    If oil can leak out dust can get in. So repair pronto.

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