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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by wally3128, Sep 21, 2007.

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    B/S 5 HP Model 132212
    This motor is mounted on a DR wood chipper. It has sat unprotected for quite some time. New gas, new oil. Pulled and pulled, would not start:confused: . Starter fluid down the carb, RUMMMMM, cough, cough, died. :confused: Tried this several times. No gas getting through the carb. Pushed out to the back yard for another year. :confused:
    Now all kind of OILY GUNK comming back out of the carb. A BUNCH !!!What do I need to do other than setting fire to the thing ???

    Thanks Wally
  2. wally3128

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    This GUNK is comming out of a spot on the side of the block that had a "TUBE " running to the carb. Looks like oil and water MUD ???
    I thought that line was a fuel line. Does that carb pick up stright up from the fuel tank ???
    Thanks again

  3. Bill Kapaun

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    What do you mean HAD a tube? That's the crankcase breather.
    The carb does "suck up" fuel out of the tank.
    Download an IPL from this link. You'll need the TYPE#, along with the model#.

    What I would do is get a can of carb cleaner with the plastic "straw" and also pick up a new diaphragm (ref 394 on the IPL) from your local Briggs dealer ($3-4?) The diaphragm is basically your fuel pump!

    Remove the cover plate from the side of the carb (4 screws). It'll probably be MUCH easier to remove the muffler first.
    Observe the orientation of the spring etc.
    There will be 2 small "ports" under the diaphragm. One goes to the fuel pick up and the other goes to the carb venturi.
    "Blow out" those 2 ports with the carb cleaner, using the plastic straw.
    You should hear one venting in the gas tank and the other venting in the carb throat.
    Reassemble and RECONNECT the tube that you HAD on it.
  4. wally3128

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    Thanks Bill,
    I took off the tube, that's where all the gunk came from. I put it back after I cleaned all the "oil and water mix" out of the crank and replaced it with new oil. I'll check the Brigggs site. That sounds just like that is what it needs!!!
    Thanks again,

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